WATCH: Experience death with new virtual reality simulation

WATCH: Experience death with new virtual reality simulation

Whether you fear death or feel indifferent about it, most of us are a little bit curious about our final experience...

New Virtual reality simulation lets users experience death

Fear of death is probably one of the most normal and logical fears humans can have.

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While many of us would ask the question, "Why would you want to ever fully experience it before it happens?", others have asked, "Why not?".

It's those 2am thoughts where you wonder what it feels like to die that have inspired some pretty strange experiences.

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Now you can go through the experience if you wish, thanks once again to virtual reality.

In Melbourne, Australia, people are getting a first-hand experience of what it could feel like to die.

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The 'Passing Electrical Storms' exhibit by Shaun Gladwell uses a virtual reality simulation to create an "extended reality" for users where they can immerse themselves in the "at once meditative and unsettling" experience.

The simulation takes users through the final stages of life from cardiac arrest to eventual brain death.

One TikTok user, @croom12, shared a video showing the exhibit and the participants can be seen while they are hooked up to heart rate monitors.

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Watch the video below:


Its Actually pretty hectic. Doctors trying to revive you, vibrating bed and floating into space.

♬ original sound - Marcus

Participants can lift their hands and end the simulation at any time if it gets too overwhelming.

While it has definitely sparked our interest, we're not so sure we're quite ready to experience our fake death just yet...

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