Good Morning Angels and Lamiez Holworthy collaborate to provide beds for 28 orphaned children

Good Morning Angels and Lamiez Holworthy collaborate to provide beds for 28 orphaned children

With winter fast approaching, DJ Lamiez called for assistance for 20 bunk beds and mattresses to help children who need it most. 

Lamiez Holworthy and Martin Bester
Source: Jacaranda FM

BACKGROUND: A few years ago, a couple from Lotus Gardens in Pretoria-West noticed that many small children in their impoverished community are left home alone during the day while parents are out working or looking for work. The parents do not have the means to pay for day care - in some instances older siblings are left to look after the little ones and have to leave them home while they go to school. The children are also left without food, sometimes for more than a day. One such child got very ill after eating her parents’ ARV-tablets. That’s when they decided to start a day care at their home for these children - without funding or expectation to be paid. News about this spread in the community and some children were left at their day care for good. The day care turned into permanent care. The couple added some structures to their shack and they now care for 28 abandoned and orphaned children. They registered the Garaletsang Home. 

DJ Lamiez visited the Garaletsang Home after hearing of the work they do and that they were struggling to get by without funding. She was very touched by their intention to give shelter to destitute children of the community where she came from, but also distraught to see the conditions they were living in. 

DJ Lamiez, together with her husband, well-known rapper Khuli Chana, committed to helping Garaletsang - to raise funds and to improve their living conditions. They have had plans drawn up to build a proper home, with bathroom facilities and space for all 28 children. They are awaiting re-zoning permits from the City Council and will fund the building project themselves. They’ve also arranged for the children to be moved to a cricket hall in Atteridgeville in the meantime. 

With winter fast approaching, DJ Lamiez put a call out for assistance with 20 bunk beds and mattresses, as the children are sharing four double beds and some are sleeping on the floor. Her hope is to at least provide them with warm, comfortable beds while they wait for their new home to be built.

REQUEST FOR: Garaletsang Home in Lotus Gardens  

REQUEST FROM: DJ Lamiez Holworthy 

ANGEL 1: Adilia Joubert representing Lotters Pine

SPONSORING: Lotters Pine will answer DJ Lamiez’s plight by providing 20 bunk beds and 40 mattresses for the children of Garaletsang Home.

ANGEL 2:  The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist Garaletsang Home with another R35,000 to buy bedding and other necessities for the children this winter

Image credit: Jacaranda FM

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