Good Morning Angels: A big surprise for Embali Enhle Aids Foundation

Good Morning Angels: A big surprise for Embali Enhle Aids Foundation

Truewood Furniture Angels surprises Embali Enhle Aids Foundation to benefit the most vulnerable in the Dobsonville community.

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BACKGROUND: At the age of sixteen, Pat Moore registered Embali Enhle, a foundation that cares for people in the Dobsonville community, whose lives have been impacted by HIV/Aids. He did this as he was taking care of his own parents. Pat, himself HIV-positive, also has lung cancer, TB and kidney failure. Knowing the challenges of the poorest of the poor, who also have to contend with the realities of HIV and Aids, Pat now devotes his life full time to the care of those in his community, who have nowhere else to turn for assistance. He takes care of 338 adults and 692 children in and around the Dobsonville area. He also has thirteen adults and eleven children who stay at his family home permanently. While Pat gives all he has, he needs donations and independent funding to keep doing his work. He put together a needs-list consisting of beds, wardrobes and a few basic appliances that would make the residents’ lives a whole lot easier. 

REQUEST FOR: Patrick Moore and the Embali Enhle Aids Foundation in Dobsonville

REQUEST FROM: Kay Ramalebo

ANGEL: Jaco Storm, owner of Truewood Furniture

SPONSORING: Truewood Furniture has heard of Pat’s plight and has loaded a Truewood Furniture truck with all of the items on their needs-list including 6 brand new single beds with mattresses and bedding, two wardrobes and a kitchen cupboard that were custom made for Pat’s home. They are also bringing along a freezer, stove, juicer, heaters a TV and radio.

ORIGINAL REQUEST: Dear Good Morning Angels,

Embali Enhle is an AIDS Foundation in Dobsonville that was founded by Pat Moore in his family home. Pat started his foundation at the age of 16, when he had to take care of his parents. Pat has recently left his job at Fruit and Veg and decided to help the people in his community permanently. He currently suffers from Lung Cancer, HIV, kidney failure and TB.

Embali provides hope and primary healthcare to community members who have little or no option to go elsewhere to receive home-based care. Embali supports people living with HIV and AIDS and provides social and spiritual care. Embali Enhle currently takes care of 338 adults and 692 children in and around the Dobsonville area. 13 adults and 11 children stay at the home permanently.  

Due to the lack of funding from government, Patrick uses his own social grant money and is reliant on donations to help his community.

There are a number of needs that he simply cannot afford to buy to enable him to look after those in his care:

Please see list below:

·         Six single beds and bedding

·         Stove

·         Three heaters

·         Kettles and urns

·         Juicer for patients

·         Deep freezer

·         Cupboards and shelving

·         TV

·         Radio

 Please, can Good Morning Angels assist with some of these items on the needs-list, to enable Pat and Embali Enhle to assist the most vulnerable members of his community, who have nowhere else to go.

Thank you,

Kay Ramalebo



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