Good Morning Angels: Bob Martin assists the NSPCA with food and necessities to the value of R200 000,00

Good Morning Angels: Bob Martin assists NSPCA with R200k of food and necessities

In the aftermath of the violence, many pet owners in KZN have been reaching out to their local SPCA’s for assistance.

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BACKGROUND: We are all too aware of the loss, destruction, and hardship that communities in KwaZulu-Natal are facing after the recent violence and looting. When the caregivers suffer, the vulnerable they care for suffer even more. For many people, finding food and necessities has been a struggle due to supply shortages. There are, however, thousands of households who cannot afford the basics - and among them are pet lovers.

In the aftermath of the violence, many pet owners in KZN have been reaching out to their local SPCA’s for assistance with food and supplies. There are about 15 SPCA’s in the affected areas of KZN and the National Council of SPCA’s reached out to Good Morning Angels for assistance with food, as they are buckling under the pressure. The NSPCA officials are in KZN now, to try to share what they have with members of the community.

REQUEST FOR: Keshvi Nair, Public Relations Officer of the NSPCA on behalf of the SPCA's in KwaZulu-Natal

ANGEL: Rob Densem, Commercial Director for Bob Martin  

SPONSORING: Bob Martin will assist the NSPCA with food and necessities to the value of R200,000 for distribution to SPCAs in KwaZulu-Natal that are under added pressure in the aftermath of the recent violence and looting.

Dear Good Morning Angels

I trust my email finds you well during this challenging time.

You will recall that in 2019 Good Morning Angels featured the two lion cubs (Karlos and Ivana) who were rescued by the NSPCA.  As a result of this wonderful exposure by your programme, significant financial support was received to help cover the cost of nursing these deserving infants back to health. The generosity of the Good Morning Angels Fund was also truly appreciated with the R50 000 donation boosting funds.

We would be most grateful if you would again consider helping animals.  This time we are looking for support to help our SPCAs in KwaZulu-Natal with donations of animal food to feed animals at the SPCAs.  The riots and looting have also caused much hardship for people who are desperate for help and are approaching for food to feed their own animals.  Assistance with transporting goods from KwaZulu-Natal from Gauteng would also be a great help.   

We would really appreciate your assistance, and should you be able to help I will arrange for our Public Relations Officer, Keshvi Nair, to make telephonic contact with you to discuss the matter further. 

I look forward to hearing from you.  

Warm wishes,

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