Good Morning Angels: A bright young woman gets a chance to follow her dream

Good Morning Angels: A bright young woman gets a chance to follow her dream

Rethabile, 19, was raised by a single mom in the North West. Sadly, her mom passed away during her matric year.

Good Morning Angels: A bright young woman gets her chance to follow her dream
A bright young women gets her chance to follow her dream/Supplied

BACKGROUND: Rethabile Ntshabele, 19, has always had a thing for tech. She was raised by a single mom in Mokgalwaneng in North West Province. Even though money was always tight, Rethabile’s family believed in education as a priority. She matriculated at the Thekganang Technical School. Sadly, her mom could not see her finish high school, as she passed away in Rethabile’s matric year. Her aunt has been a major influence in her life and has supported Rethabile through the loss of her mom. Rethabile sees her aunt as her female role model in life. Rethabile is an avid reader, cook, and gamer, and it is her passion for all thing technical - like binary code -  that has set her sights on a career in ICT. 

REQUEST FOR: 19-year-old Rethabile Ntshabele 

ANGEL:  Maubate Kekana, former student on behalf of Belgium Campus. Maubate is currently the Head of IT at ABSA 

SPONSORING: Half of the students currently at Belgium Campus are on some sort of bursary which could range from financial aid to accommodation etc. Belgium Campus currently have 70 scholarships available to female candidates, according to their criteria, which includes full tuition, uniform and course materials. Rethabile will be awarded one of these scholarships for a full time diploma course in IT studies.


Belgium Campus Itversity is a not for profit tertiary education institution - this year celebrating their 20th anniversary. 

They were founded in 1999 with the first class consisting of 7 students. They have grown to 3 campuses (in Pretoria, Kempton Park and Nelson Mandela Bay) with just over 900 students across the 3 campuses. They produce 8% of the country’s employed  ICT graduates and partner with several major corporates such as Liberty, EOH, Ericsson, Vodacom and BMW to create opportunities for promising students who cannot afford to continue their studies after high school. 

To apply for a bursary and to view the requirements, visit 

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