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Good Morning Angels Festive Edition: 7-year-old Morné needs help to face the world

 Imagine seeing the world with just one eye. This has been the reality of 7-year-old Morné de Goede.

Martin Bester on Good Morning Angels
Martin Bester on Good Morning Angels/Twitter

BACKGROUND: Imagine seeing the world with just one eye. This has been the reality of 7-year old Morné de Goede, since before the age of two. His eye was removed due a medical condition, which his mom, Priscilla says, was mis-diagnosed as cancer. Morné finished Grade 1 this year and enjoys school. He has a glass eye and the fact that he only one has half the vision that most children enjoy, does not hold him back - accept when his prosthetic eye falls out! 

Because Morné is still growing, his eye cavity is also growing - which means he needs a bigger glass eye.

His family is struggling financially - they recently moved in with his aunt - as they cannot afford other housing. His step-dad works for a very small wage and Priscilla does not have a job - looking after his 1-year old sister, Zanika. A new glass eye, or even refurbishing the present one, is a financial bridge too far for this family, which means Morné may have to face Grade Two - without.

REQUEST FROM: Samantha Bothma

REQUEST FOR: 7-year old Morné De Goede, Germiston

ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper on behalf of our fabulous festive sponsors, Romans’ Pizza

SPONSORING: The funds needed to have a new glass eye made and fitted for Morné (Up to R35 000)

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