Good Morning Angels Festive Edition: Helping a breast cancer patient

Good Morning Angels Festive Edition: Helping a breast cancer patient

The Angels came together to help Anna Shipalana fight stage four breast cancer.

Good Morning Angels Festive Edition
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BACKGROUND: Anna Shipalana from Limpopo is a mom of a 13-year-old son and wife of a devoted husband. She is also fighting stage four breast cancer. Shipalana has been to local government hospitals for treatment, but her condition is worsening. She has been advised that she will have to have a mastectomy, but that the waiting lists at the local government hospitals are very long. Shipalana, therefore, consulted with a private doctor, but does not have medical aid and cannot afford all the costs involved with saving her life. Time is running out for Shipalana, that’s why her cousin, Deborah Ndaba, who lives in Gauteng, wrote to Good Morning Angels for assistance on her behalf.

REQUEST FOR: Anna Shipalana 

REQUEST FROM: Deborah Mmathapelo Ndaba

ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper, representing Roman's Pizza

SPONSORING: Roman's Pizza will assist Anna Shipalana with R35,000 for medical expenses to fight her breast cancer.


Good day,

My name is Deborah Ndaba. I am requesting financial assistance on behalf of my cousin. Her name is Anna Shipalana. Anna is fighting breast cancer. She has been on treatment using Polokwane Government Hospital. Seeing that her condition was becoming worse, she decided to go to Private hospitals. The doctor told her that they have to run tests to see how far cancer has spread to the rest of the body. She was also told that she might have to be cut to remove the whole breast. Anna does not have any medical aid. So far, the doctors have told her that she will need R28 850 for the radiology test only.

Once the results are out, she will need money for the operation, the hospital admission and medication. We do not have the actual amount of how much that will cost yet.

I have attached the quotation for the radiology as well as the images of Anna’s current state of her breast.

I will request any assistance and prayers.

Kind Regards

Deborah Mmathapelo Ndaba

The Good Morning Angels Festive Edition is proudly sponsored by Roman's Pizza

Good Morning Angels Festive Edition
Supplied/ Jacaranda FM

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