Good Morning Angels Festive: Helping Henry after a year of poverty and illness

Good Morning Angels Festive: Helping Henry after a year of poverty and illness

A helping hand for Henry - after a year of illness, poverty and devastating lightning. 

Good Morning Angels Festive
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BACKGROUND: 2019 has been a particularly difficult year for Henry Keniry. Money has always been tight, but Henry has always been able to keep his family going. His wife of many years is desperately ill and needs constant medical assistance - which increases the financial strain. Their 10-year old grandchild lives with them in a garage on a family members’ plot. On Friday morning 1 November, Henry and a colleague were robbed of their belongings by car-jackers on the way to work - but the worst was still to come. When Henry, his wife and granddaughter got home that evening their garage home with all their belongings were burnt to the ground. The garage caught fire after a lightning strike, leaving Henry and his family, with absolutely nothing and nowhere to go. His work colleagues immediately rallied around to assist where they could, but they’ve now asked Good Morning Angels to help Henry and his family stand up from the ashes.

REQUEST FOR: Henry Keniry

REQUEST FROM: Jessica De Canha

ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper on behalf of our fabulous festive sponsors, Romans’ Pizza

SPONSORING: Romans’ Pizza will assist Henry and his family to pick up the pieces and set up their home again with a donation of R35 000,00!


Dear Good Morning Angels,

We are writing to you in a plea for assistance with one of our colleagues at work. We have a dear friend who’s luck is regrettably not on his side. Henry Keniry has a beautiful wife, who is very ill.  He works hard just to pay the medical bills on a monthly basis. His salary does not cover what is needed to ease her pain. But, he will get up in the morning, go to work, without any complaints. He is a very kind and caring soul. He keeps to himself, but we know he is struggling financially.

Unfortunately, not one but multiple disasters have struck this poor man. Henry has worked for this company for a very long time. He is a father and a grandfather. He has a loving marriage and has been married to his wife for many years.

On 1 November 2019, Henry suffered even more disaster and severe loss, when their family home burned down that evening around 21h30 while they were visiting his son elsewhere. This happened on the same day that Henry and a fellow colleague, whom he was travelling to work with, in the morning were robbed at gunpoint. Luckily the robbers only took Henry’s work bag with his lunch tin and some of his pride, and of course our empathy to our other fellow colleague who had also suffered from this experience. I hope that Henry has bumped his toe so that the 3rd one is over and done with.

Henry, his wife and their granddaughter of 10 years old are left stranded with nothing, but the clothes that they are wearing. It is always a bitter pill to swallow when there are children involved in suffering from such events, which makes it easier for me to engage with you to press on the Angels help button.

Henry’s granddaughter has also lost all of her schooling items. If you are a parent then you will probably skip a heartbeat if you think about everything that has actually been lost and needs to be replaced. A financial contribution towards replacing some of those necessities might be at the order of the day.

We as an office are now writing to you, asking you to support us to assist with the following relief for this family:

•     Food

•     Clothes (for all of them)

•     Shoes

•     Bedding

•     Furniture

•     Cutlery

•     Stationery for the kids for school

Any form of donation will be greatly appreciated and will make a huge difference and will be for a totally  worthy cause.

Many thanks,

Jessica De Canha

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