Good Morning Angels Follow-up: Making seven matric farewell dreams come true

Good Morning Angels Follow-up: Making seven matric farewell dreams come true

Liesl Laurie invited Breakfast with Martin Bester to her hometown of Eldorado Park - and they made seven matric girls' dreams come true!

Matric farewell girls
Matric farewell girls/Supplied


The matric final exams are in full swing, with the focus firmly on achieving the best results for that all-important matric certificate. For seven matriculants from Eldoradopark, however, the end of the final exams also meant the end of their school journey, without a farewell. All seven girls have risen above challenges in their home lives to achieve academic success - some of them have their eyes set on straight A’s and university studies next year. One of them has her five-month-old baby boy to care for in between studying and exam sessions. All seven girls have dreams of a better future for themselves and their families. They’ve however stopped dreaming of that one special school night, the matric farewell ball, which is scheduled for 11 December, after the final paper has been written. The Good Morning Angels teamed up with former Miss SA, Liesl Laurie and the best in the business of fashion, hair, and make-up to give these girls a surprise they didn’t expect. 

REQUEST FROM:  Ms. Crawage, School Administrator 

REQUEST FOR:  Seven matriculants from Silver Oaks Secondary School in Eldorado Park

ANGEL 1: Merica van der Walt, House of Superior Clothing 

SPONSORING: Mercia has invited the girls to her shop in Lynwood Road Pretoria to try on dresses with the guidance of the House of Superior Clothing team … Each girl can choose any dress/outfit she likes and it will be tailored to suit her perfectly for the big night. She will also help them choose the perfect shoes and accesories to complete the look.  

ANGEL 2: Walter Wurth, Follicle Hair Atelier 

SPONSORING: Walter and his team will do a consultation with each girl on what look they want for their hair on the day of the dance. The team will help all the girls on 11 December to create their perfect hair look. Walter will also bring along his friends from …… to do all the girl’s make-up to finish of their look. ALSO: Each girl will receive a make-up kit of her own, to take home!

ANGEL 3: Thank you UBER for supplying Uber Black rides to the dance!

Matric ball 1
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Eldorado Park 2
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1. Anneline Fahmay (Teenage mom living with her gran)

I am an 18 year old female residing in Eldorado Park. I have achieved to reach grade 12 despite the Socio – Economic challenge within the area. Being a teenage mother and living with my Grandmother and Aunt. We are currently surviving on my Granny’s pension. My mother and stepfather are both unemployed. I have dreamt about my Matric Farewell since I was a young girl. The difficulties in life have restrained me from a lot of things in life, but that’s no reason not to achieve in life.

2. Ashley Tlou (Bullied for her physical appearance, achieves A-average, wants to study PHD in Pharmacy - lives with gran, single mom and 2 siblings)

My name is Ashley Tlou, I am an 18 year old female who lives with my grandmother Pauline Baloyi. I am the first born to Irene Tlou who is a single parent with three children. Growing up I have faced a number of difficulties in my life, being bullied because of my appearance. Irrespective of the challenges I faced, I strived for academic excellence. I currently face difficulties in Physical Science which I have to make a point to overcome. Through the grace and mercy of our Almighty I have obtained a level 7 during the Term 2 Examination. This was a positive achievement in the right direction. My future aspiration is to study PHD in Pharmacy. My role model is my mother, she had no money to provide us with what we want material things such as beautiful clothes or sent us to the Former Model C Schools. She has obtained her matric and work while she was studying to complete her Degree in Communication Science and currently she is doing her Honours Degree. She also encourages me with the words “Education has no Age”. Once I have obtained my Degree I will not hesitate to assist my siblings to achieve their goals in life.

3. Happiness Thomas (Lives with single mom, who also cares for cousin and niece. Wants to study Business Management and give back to community)

I am a young lady who is sensitive to help the under privileged children. I am interested in completing my Career in Business Management once I obtained my Senior Certificate at the end of 2018. Growing up in Eldorado Park came with a number of challenges, but hat is no excuse to not strive for the best in life. Living with a single parent who is responsible for my niece as well as my cousin. My mother is currently employed and doing her best to make ends meet financially and otherwise. My mother is my role model, when I grow up and become half the woman my mother is, then I would have achieved in life. The best lesson I have learnt from my mother is to “Always be genuine and true to yourself and others. The day I achieved my degree and am gainfully employed, I would like to give back to the community and my family.

4. Mkateko Mathebula (Both parents unemployed, brother passed away in 2014, wants to be a Child Psychologist)

I am  am  a young dynamic lady. I live with my Parents who are both unemployed. My father is retired and is still waiting for his retirement fund and this make it very difficult for my parents to provide for us as a family. I grew up in Freedom Park, we were three children but unfortunately my brother passed away in 2014 due to an illness. I dream is to become a Child Psychologist. I would like to give back to the community as it has been invested in my life.  

5. Madimakatso Molise 

Her single mom died two years ago and Madimakatso and her siblings now lives with her gran … their income is very limited, which makes daily life a struggle, but she is workinng towards a good matric and hopes to study further next year, to help support her family.

6. Princess Mathebula (Top Mathematics and Physical Science Learner in Eldorado Park, Single income family, I might be a product of the past, but I’m not a victim of the future.)

I am Princess Mathebula, a 17 year old matriculant. I live with my Parents and two siblings in Protea Glen. My father is the breadwinner in our family as my mother is unemployed. It is rather difficult to get everything I need as funds are limited. Irrespective of the circumstance I have never been in a position not to give my best. I believe in life if that should you want to see a change in society that change have to start with you. Being the top Mathematics and Physical Science Learner in Eldorado Park has encouraged me to never settle for mediocre results. Putting my best foot forward will help me achieve the success I strive for. “The distance between a dream and a reality is called action”. The former President Mr. Nelson Mandela said that “Through Education you can change the World”. I might be a product of the past, but I’m not a victim of the future. I am very optimistic about what my future holds.

7. Zuzile Zwane (One of 7 children, dad lost job in 2013, live on social grants and help from older brothers and sister)

My name is Zuzile Kwanele Zwane daughter of Mr & Mrs Zwane. I was born in Kwazulu-Natal, our family consist of seven children. I grew up in the care of my Aunt with her two children while my Mother worked in KZN and my father in Gauteng. In Grade 4 we moved to Gauteng in 2010 as my father wanted the family together. I was fortunate while growing up as my parents provided for us financially and otherwise. Unfortunately my father lost his employment in 2013 and the situation changed. Both my Parents are unemployed and we survive on a Social Grant and the assistance of my older brothers and sister. Currently we lack quite a number of things in life due to financial constrains.

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