Good Morning Angels Follow-up: More help for orphaned brothers

Good Morning Angels Follow-up: More help for orphaned brothers

We catch up with Billy Badenhorst on Breakfast with Martin Bester to share the good news! 

GMA 3 February
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BACKGROUND:  Last week on Good Morning Angels, we met 24-year-old Billy Badenhorst. He is the guardian of his 13-year-old brother, Dewald, after their dad died from COVID-19 complications on 21 January, only five days after Dewald’s mom and Billy’s step-mom also died from COVID-19. They all live with Billy’s girlfriend Charné’s parents.  

Dewald, who starts high school next week, suffers from epilepsy, which leaves him disorientated and with temporary amnesia after attacks. Their parents lost their jobs last year and there is no medical aid or other policies to provide for Dewald. Good Morning Angels assisted the brothers with R20,000 and several more angels came forward with assistance. 

We caught up with Billy on Breakfast with Martin Bester to share some more good news! 

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Angels that assisted since last week:

* Medicare 24 has offered Billy, Dewald, and Charné free medical care for two years as well as a gym contract for Dewald for two years.

* Listener Sias Esterhuizen paid in R1,000 to Billy and Dewald.

* An anonymous listener has donated R20,000 - and will repeat this donation annually for another four years (R100 000 in total over five years).

* Frik and Willem van Heerden from Amapogo Security donated R50,000.

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