Good Morning Angels: Fulfilling Nicholas’ dying wish - to marry his Laetitia

Good Morning Angels: Fulfilling Nicholas’ dying wish - to marry his Laetitia

A CT scan and biopsy were conducted and the results were devastating. Nicholas had advanced Stage 4 Sarcoma - a very aggressive Spindle Cell Neoplasm Cancer. 

17 March GMA
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BACKGROUND: Nicholas Venter, 33, and his fiancé, Laetitia van den Heever, from Fontainebleau on the West Rand, have been saving for their wedding day since October last year. That’s when Nicholas popped the question to the love of his life, after a relationship of three years. She said yes to spending the rest of their lives together as husband and wife. They live with Laetitia’s parents and funds are few, but they decided they would save and pay for their own big day.

In January this year, Nicholas started complaining of lower back pain and an ache in his one leg. He’s been building their home and suspected that he pulled a muscle. This was also the doctor’s diagnosis and he went home with pain medication. He was in the process of being registered on Laetitia’s medical aid. The pain increased and became unbearable and a few weeks ago, Nicholas had difficulty breathing. They rushed him to the ICU at the hospital where Laetitia works as an admin clerk. A CT scan and biopsy were done. The result was devastating: Nicholas had advanced Stage 4 Sarcoma - a very aggressive Spindle Cell Neoplasm Cancer. Even worse, the doctor said there was no cure and that Nicholas had two weeks to live. Both their families were crushed. 

His oncologist advised that he still only had months to live. Even though Nicholas is now on Laetitia’s medical aid, the funds are already depleted. Their wedding savings have been put towards saving his life.

Nicholas is currently receiving radiation, to shrink several cancerous growths in his brain, lung, stomach, and limbs. He is on 24 hour oxygen, due to the lump in his one lung. The treatment will relieve some of his pain, but not cure the cancer. He refuses to give up and will start with chemo next week. 

Elindi de Beer, a friend of Nicholas’ brother, Wikus, wrote to Good Morning Angels to assist Nicholas and Laetitia to have the wedding they so desperately want - so they can live as husband and wife for the time they have left together. 

REQUEST FOR: Nicholas Venter and Laetitia van der Heever 

REQUEST FROM: Elindi de Beer 

ANGEL 1: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC 

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist Nicholas with a donation of R20,000 towards medical bills, medication, and medical debt.  

ANGEL 2: Chirstal van Tonder on behalf of the WedReady App and MODE Wedding and Events 

SPONSORING: WedReady and MODE Weddings and Events teamed up with a list of clients, who have all agreed to pitch in to make Nicholas and Laetitia’s wedding dream come true - this Saturday, 20 March, at 16:30! All of these Angels will come together to host Nicholas and Laetitia’s big day, at their home for the bridal couple and 20 of their closest friends and family. 

17 March GMA two
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Dear Good Morning Angels Team,

Update, Nicholas was admitted into hospital last night and the doctors are saying he only has two weeks left.

I know that you probably get thousands of requests to help, and that you have your hands full.  But I would like to try and at least reach out to you, in the hopes that you would see this one, and consider our plea.

Imagine going to the doctor one day and returning home with the following diagnosis: You have a rare form of cancer and it has now spread throughout your entire body. You are only 33 years old, and you were planning on marrying the love of your life.

And then more devastating news: There is nothing they can do for you, so they send you home to spend your last few weeks/months with your loved ones.

That is exactly what happened to Nicholas Venter, one of my best friends’ brother.  The family is absolutely crushed.  They are not asking for assistance in paying his medical bills.  All they want is to surprise him with a last chance.  His dream is to marry his fiancé, Laetitia and they do not have the means at the moment, because of COVID-19, and the effects his sudden illness has had on their pockets. So, we would like to make his dream come true by asking for help in getting him married if at all possible.

I just want the family to have the time to spend with him and celebrate in his joy. They have not given up any hope and they are praying for a miracle.  They are stronger than most people, but they are all exhausted.

Should this have grabbed your attention, please get in touch with his brother Wikus for the details or with me.  

I pray that you are able to help and let them all share in his happiness one last time.

Kind Regards and praying you consider our plea.


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