Good Morning Angels: Grocery hampers delivered to matriculants in need on World Food Day

Good Morning Angels: Grocery hampers delivered to matriculants in need on World Food Day

The right to food is entrenched in the South African constitution, yet it is estimated that 19-million people go to sleep hungry every night - many of them children.

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BACKGROUND: World Food Day is a global initiative by the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organisation, which this year celebrates its 75th anniversary. 

For the past week, Good Morning Angels has spoken to matriculants and principals about the challenges and preparation for the final exams. Food and basics have become sparse in more families. The Class of 2020 matriculants will be sitting for their first final exam on Monday, 19 October, when all candidates will write Life Orientation, and then the final exams start officially on 5 November and run until 15 December 2020. Many of these candidates will do so on an empty stomach.

It is painfully clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has put massive financial strain on families and that this impacts on the children in these families as they go to school.

However, all of the matriculants and principals we spoke to are more determined than ever to succeed. The extra hours have been put in to prepare and they have their eyes firmly on a better future. Schools support their learners with food and education, but many go back to a home where there is neither.

With this in mind, Kagiso Capital and Growthpoint Properties have invested R1,000,000 to assist matriculants who are most in need of these basics while preparing and writing the most important exams of their lives. Ultra-Link, the IT and Tech supply company for home and business, has sponsored high quality, comfortable masks to each learner assisted, as well as thermometers and masks to their schools, to the value of R1.25-million. 

Today, 375 matriculants in 19 schools in Gauteng will be receiving their first of three monthly grocery hampers and PPE, to support them as they prepare for and write their final papers.  


19 Schools in Tshwane have nominated matriculants for GMA Class of 2020 Matric Support

A total of 375 matriculants will each receive: 

* Monthly grocery hamper for October, November and December: Sponsored by Growthpoint Properties and Kagiso Capital - delivered by OneCart

* Enough masks to wear at school and home for three months: Sponsored by Ultra-Link

* Additional masks and thermometers for each of the 19 Tshwane schools represented: Sponsored by Ultra-Link

* Access to 33 online tutoring workshops in different subjects presented by Goodie Tutors: Sponsored by Growthpoint Properties and Kagiso Capital 

Thank you to all our sponsors for making a difference in the lives of so many. A special shout out to Spar North Region, who have packed all the hampers in beautiful Spar bags and sponsored a further R75,000 towards the contents of the grocery hampers!

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