Good Morning Angels: Helping a Glenwood High learner in Durban

Good Morning Angels: Helping a Glenwood High learner in Durban

My School Rocks extra for a deserving, hardworking Glenwood High learner 

My School Rocks
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BACKGROUND: Bayanda Zwane is a grade 9 pupil of Glenwood High School in Durban. In less than two years at the school, he has already made his mark on the rugby and soccer fields. He also sings in the school choir and averages academically in the high 70’s. “Bayanda is very passionate and enthusiastic about everything he takes on at school. He works hard and volunteers, assistant and participate where ever he can”: according to Glenwood High School Principal, dr. Andri Barnes.

When Bayanda missed school days regularly at the beginning of this year, his teachers expressed concern and dr. Barnes investigated. 

“We learnt that both Bayanda’s parents were retrenched at the end of last year and they simply could not afford the transport cost to send Bayanda to school every day.”

Despite this, Bayanda kept up his schoolwork, attended practices for sports and choir and offered to clean classrooms and wash teachers’ cars for pocket money to assist his parents in their financial crisis - all the while keeping up his grades.

About half of of the 1080 Glenwood High pupils come from single-parent/income families and the school hosts fundraisers for their School Assistance Fund, to support learners and families in need.

REQUEST FOR: Bayanda Zwane, Grade 9, Glenwood High School for Boys

REQUEST FROM: Bayanda’s parents: Siphamandla Ntuli (dad) and Faith Zwane (mom)

ANGEL 1: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will cover Bayanda’s transport fees for 2020, as well as a new school uniform and sports kit, to the value of R10 000,00 (Transport: R400/m, School Uniform R 3000,00 and sports kit R 2000,00)

ANGEL 2: Dr Andri Barnes, Principal of Glenwood High School

SPONSORING: Dr Barnes and the school will assist Bayanda’s parents to apply for a subsidy for 2020 and write off all of his school tuition debt for 2018/19 (At R48K a year)


I trust that you're well this afternoon. 

This e-mail refers to my son, Bayanda Zwane who is currently enrolled at Glenwood Boys doing grade 9. As parents, we would like to express our gratitude for the support you've offered in terms of purchasing his bus ticket and all other assistance you've offered previously. 

This situation has been exacerbated by our financial position and has deteriorated such that at this point, both my wife and I are currently unemployed and we're trying everything possible to search nevertheless all in vain. We are battling for everything (food & transportation) such that it sometimes becomes difficult even to drop him off in the morning or pick him up in the afternoon from the bus stop.

Over and above all, we still remain upbeat that the unfolding situation will come to a halt soon.

We would like to take this opportunity to express once again our thanks to everyone who has offered his or her assistance into our battles.

Hope this letter receives your positive consideration.


Kingsford Ntuli (Mr) 

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