Good Morning Angels: A helping hand for a children’s home after KZN violence

Good Morning Angels: A helping hand for a children’s home after KZN violence

Isiaiah 54 Children’s Sanctuary is home to 14 children in Durban’s Bluff area.

GMA 21 July 2021
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BACKGROUND:  These children were all abused, abandoned or orphaned, until they found a home with Gynnis Douth and her team.  Glynnis founded the home some 34 years ago and named it after the bible verse: "I will keep you in my arms, safe and warm. I will love you, as my own child. I will protect you, as any mother should do. Here you are my precious child.” - Isiaiah 54.

Glynnis says last week’s violence in their home town came very unexpectedly. Glynnis and her children could hear explosions, gun fire, and helicopters. They could see fires in the distance as looting erupted in malls, storage facilities, and factories. “We had an evacuation plan. We have three small babies in the home - the youngest is ten days old. Each of us knew who or what to grab if the time comes and where we would go. Our vehicle was parked in the driveway, ready to leave at a moment’s notice. We were all very scared. Members of the community called us and offered rooms in their homes if needed."

In the aftermath of the looting, Glynnis and her team shared their baby milk and nappy supplies with other mothers in the community, who were in need. Shops are only starting to re-stock now. Some of their regular donors will not be able to assist for some time to come. Isiaiah 54 used to get fresh fruit and other food “close to expiry” from their local Woolworths every Tuesday - but this shop has been destroyed and will not re-open for a while. 

"Our staff have not been able to go home and they are staying here. We’ve also been sending food and necessities to their families in Pietermartizburg and KwaMashu”.

Isiaiah 54 is reliant on donations, so they need all the help they can get to ensure a safe and loving home for their 14 children.

“We are walking on egg-shells. We don’t know if it’s over or if the looting and attacks will flare up again. But, for now, we are blessed and safe,” says Glynnis.

REQUEST FOR: Glynnis Douth, Founder of Isiaiah 54 Children’s Sanctuary

ANGEL: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist Isiaiah 54 Children’s Sanctuary with a donation of R20,000 to re-stock and replenish their baby milk, nappies, and food after last week’s devastation and violence in Durban. 

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