Good Morning Angels: Helping Odette to #LiveLimitless after road-side robbery ordeal

Good Morning Angels: Helping Odette to #LiveLimitless after road-side robbery ordeal

Odette Strydom was held at gun point after she hit a rock on the road towards Nigel.

GMA Odette Strydom 7 July 2021
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BACKGROUND: We have seen the warnings and heard the stories of motorists being robbed on highways around Gauteng, after driving over spikes or obstacles placed on the roads. This happened to Odette Strydom from Pretoria last week. Odette is a final year LLB Law student at the University of Pretoria and was on her way to Nigel for an interview at a law firm to do her articles next year. Her car hit a rock on the road and when she stopped, the robbers knocked on her window with a firearm. They took her laptop, cellphone, and R90 in her purse and told her to drive away… or be shot. She did and her car was damaged and has to be repaired.

Odette lives with her dad and sisters, but she works as an au pair to pay for her studies and help with the family expenses. She does not have the funds to replace her laptop - which she needs to attend lectures and write exams, or phone. She also needs a R2,500 insurance co-payment to fix her car, which she needs to help her do her to au pair work. Her mom, Belinda, wrote to Good Morning Angels to ask for assistance.

REQUEST FOR:  Odette Strydom

REQUEST FROM: Belinda Strydom

ANGEL: Retha Ingenbleeck, on behalf of the Spar Women’s Virtual Challenge 

SPONSORING: The Spar Women’s Virtual Challenge on 4 September 2021 wants women to #LiveLimitless. The race will assist Odette to replace her laptop, phone, and whatever else she needs after her ordeal, with a donation of R30,000! 


Good day 

Please help... My daughter, Odette Strydom, was held at gun point last night after she hit a rock on the road towards Nigel.  She is an LLB student in her final year and was on her way to Nigel for a interview today to do her Articles.

She pulled over and 3 men came out of the grass next to the road. They put the gun to her head and took the R90 in her purse, laptop and phone. They told her if she didn't drive away they will shoot her. This caused more damage to her car.  She needs her car to go to work in the afternoons.  She au pair's to help pay for her studies.  Her whole world collapsed last night. I cannot even hold her because I have Covid.  I'm on my knees. Please help my child. 

I don't have money to replace her phone and laptop or fix her car. She needs it to finish her studies. And she needs trauma counselling.

Please can you help?


Belinda Strydom 

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