Good Morning Angels Follow-Up: Helping single mom of two get back on her feet

Good Morning Angels Follow-Up: Helping single mom of two get back on her feet

Single mom Nkami and her children are thriving, after some amazing Angel intervention in April 2021.

Nkami GMA 14 April
Source: Jacaranda FM

She is currently finishing an order for 1000 cellphone bags that are due on Thursday. She said the sewing machine is the place where she starts and ends every day. 

Her son, Tisetso has passed Grade 9 well - even though he was very ill with his diabetes. They now have him on the correct insulin and he’s health has improved dramatically.

Her daughter, Karabelo has finished her matric finals and they are eagerly awaiting the results in Jan next year. She is due to study law at Varsity College next year.

Nkami says: "When I visited Jacaranda FM, I did not want to live anymore. I just wanted to go to sleep but since I left the last time, my life has not been the same.

Now, I cannot wait to wake up in the morning. I have my life back and my children have their lives back!

Nkami is immensely thankful for all the help, support and love she received.



BACKGROUND: She is very proud of her daughter Karabelo (18) in matric and son Tisetso (14) in grade nine. The past year has been extremely tough on the three of them, after Nkami’s husband left in April last year.

Without the financial support from her husband, Nkami had to work harder at making and selling face masks, fat cakes, chakalaka and atchaar to keep food on the table. However, this was just the start of their lives crumbling. Nkami’s sewing machine broke down, her fridge broke, her car gave in, and then her son, Tisetso fell ill. He was admitted to the Tembisa hospital in August with a sugar level of 36,8. He spent five weeks in hospital and now has to inject insulin four times a day. He also needs a specialised diet, which Nkami fears she cannot afford. 

Through all this, the children are doing well at school and Nkami has kept up with her Unisa studies as she does not want to disappoint them. However, she’s sinking deeper into the financial abyss and has already sold what she could to keep them afloat, that’s why she wrote to Good Morning Angels.  

Good Morning Angels Follow-Up

An anonymous listener has already bought a brand new industrial sewing machine for Nkami, valued at R9,000

He wants to assist the family long term, but for now:

* Laptops for Nkami and her children 

* Wifi router

* Holiday work for daughter Karabelo to find out what she likes

* Full Bursary for study for Karabelo for next year (She want to do Law of Psychology at UP or Unisa)

* Funding for Nkami's study

* School fees for both children

For Nkami’s business: 

* Setting up company and SARS docs

* Website and e-commerce site

* Bank account

* Legal document preparation and contracts needed

* Social media and Marketing

* Setting up distribution networks

* Management of accounting 

Anonymous donors donated food vouchers of R3,000 and R 10,000 Michelle Pinto will assist with a logo and pages where clients can buy or view her products online. 

Daleen will provide a crate of Shweshwe material to assist her with making the bags and masks. Wayne La Grange also wants to place an order for 1500 pieces from her as a gift to our company clients!

Other donations:

* Gerhard - Would like to offer a free web hosting account and web design. 

* Chane - R1,000 

* Amone’ who’s a psychologist wants to help and ensure the kids have everything they need at school. (feeding scheme/ stationary/ uniform etc) She’s also happy to provide psychological support! 

 * Peter, the last donor Peter who has been retrenched wants to donate R1,000!

REQUEST FOR: Nkami and her children 

ANGEL 1: Tim Langdon, MD of Goldwagen  

SPONSORING: Goldwagen will assist Nkami with R20 000 to fix her car, replace her broken fridge and sewing machine to get her back on her feet to provide for her family. 

ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist Nkami and her children with another R10 000 for necessities like food and data to keep healthy and on track with school and study work.


Good morning

My name is Nkami and I need your help. I am a mother of two teenagers both in High School and I am unemployed. I am also a student at UNISA studying ECD. My sister helped me to pay for it. 

I need data to be able to check my work on a daily basis since all studies at UNISA are conducted online and I cannot afford to buy data. I use my sewing machine to make face masks to help put food on the table. My machine broke and I am left stranded. I also sell hot chakalaka sauce, fat cakes and atchaar. I use my car to go around selling and delivering.

My car broke down. I use this car to take my children to school and to move around selling and to take my son for his doctors' visits at the hospital. I have to take him  every month - sometimes twice in one month - ever since he was discharged from the hospital. My son was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 last year and he injects insulin 4 times a day. He was in the hospital for five weeks of which three weeks in ICU last year August and September. I was told by the dieticians at the hospital to feed my son healthy food to keep his glucose level controlled. I can't even afford just food. My fridge also broke. It has proven to be difficult to put food on the table since all my misfortunes. I have sold almost everything I could sell in the house, just to be able to buy my children school uniforms, food, electricity and petrol.

Without my sewing machine and my car I am stranded. These are the two most important assets to help keep my family afloat. 

Please, help me just to be able to get back on my feet. I need help with my car -  it needs new tyres, the starter is broken and it needs to be serviced. I will highly appreciate it if you can donate an old fridge that has a freezer so that I can be able to save food for longer. I need to be able to buy food myself and everything that I need for my family. That is why I am asking for help for now and with my car in a good condition I can be able to move around and sell. 

Please Help Me to get back on my feet again. Thank you in advance.


Image credit: Jacaranda FM

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