Good Morning Angels: A massive gift for Tshwane's most vulnerable babies

Good Morning Angels: A massive gift for Tshwane's most vulnerable babies

We all hear the horror stories of babies found in storm drains or in public toilets. Ever wondered what happens after they have been found? 

Tshwane Place of Safety Association7 April
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BACKGROUND: The “lucky” ones are placed with caring foster families or places of safety - like the Tshwane Place of Safety Association (TPoSA). They have been taking care of the most vulnerable members of our society for almost 20 years. The association has five houses around Tshwane, where babies and toddlers are given love, care, and everything else a baby needs. They also have some 200 babies and children placed with foster families across Tshwane. In some cases, the children are re-united with their families, but in most cases this is not possible and they grow up in the homes or families where they are placed.

Besides the normal needs any baby has, many of these babies and children have been severely abused and malnourished, are ill with HIV or TB, have conditions like Down Syndrome, were born prematurely, have heart and lung problems and require continuous medical and sometimes hospital and specialised care, go to monthly clinic visits, and receive Occupational Therapy.

All of this has to be done with donor funds by the dedicated people who volunteer to step in to love and nurture the most vulnerable babies and children in our community. 

REQUEST FOR: Jeanette Birrell, founder of the Tshwane Place of Safety Association

ANGEL: Hannes Strydom, founder and owner of Pharma Valu Pharmacy Group 

SPONSORING: Pharma Valu will donate baby accessories like bottles and teats, dummies, sippy-cups, and more valued at R200,000 to Jeanette and her extended TPOSA-family of care givers, to assist with giving the best care and love possible to their babies!

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