Good Morning Angels: Father and husband Neil Syffer lives for little Leanie

Good Morning Angels: Father and husband Neil Syffer lives for little Leanie

Neil Syffert from the Alberton has suffered a loss greater than what most can comprehend. He will be saying goodbye to his 36-year-old wife, Christeen and 9-year old-daughter, Justeen at their funeral

ather and husband Neil Syffert

BACKGROUND:  Neil Syffert from Alberton has suffered a loss greater than what most can comprehend. He will be saying goodbye to his 36-year old wife, Christeen and 9-year old daughter, Justeen at their funeral today. His 6-year old daughter, Leanie is finally home from the hospital. It is just over three weeks since the crash on the N17 Voortrekker Road in Alberton, that ripped his family apart. It was just after 19:00 on a Friday evening when Christeen and the girls did not arrive home. Christeen died at the scene. Justeen clung on for a week before she too died from her wounds. Little Leanie sustained injuries to her head and face and were in an induced coma for two weeks. Neil, a self-employed electrician has spent days beside Leanie’s bed … waiting for her to open her eyes. She has had surgery to repair her broken cheekbones and jaw - and she’s finally home. He believes she will make a full recovery, but she still does not quite understand why her mom and big sister aren’t home.

Neil’s family and the community have rallied around this father and daughter, giving support as best they can. The girls' primary School, Laerskool President Steyn in Alberton is in mourning for Justeen, while they pray for Leanie’s return to her  Grade 1 class. Meanwhile, the medical bills and admin are piling up.  With no medical aid and Neil unable to earn an income at the moment, he now has to come to terms with his immense loss and uncertain future for his little Leanie. In his darkest hour, some very special Angels are ready to relieve some of his burden.

REQUEST FOR: Neil Syffert

REQUEST FROM: Various listeners, including Cornel Pretorius 

ANGEL 1: Trevor Case and his Accident Angels  

SPONSORING: Trevor Case and the Accident Angels team will assist Neil Syffert with all his needs related to the accident. This includes assistance with trauma counselling, the RAF claim, rehab for little Leanie, hospital claims and financial assistance to the value of R200 000.

ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist Neil Syffert with R30 000 on behalf of our listeners, to cover some of the day-to-day financial needs, while he is unable to earn and to enable him to focus on Leanie’s recovery and give them time to grieve their loss.  


Update: Lianie is doing much better but the road to recovery is still long and hard. She woke up from the seduced coma. Lianie had an operation yesterday (Wednesday, 2 February) where they inserted plates in her face. (She has lots of crushed bones on her face). Lianie will be moved to the pediatric ward today still at the Clinton Hospital. 

The Mother (36) with her 2 children were involved in a serious motor vehicle accident last week Friday 21st of January 2022 on N17 Voortrekker Road, Alberton at 19:15. The Mother(36) died on impact.  Both girls, Justeen 9 years old, and Leanie 6 years old were in critical condition. Justeen (9) had bleeding on the brain, bleeding on the lungs, fractured spine fractured leg and injured liver. She passed away after a week in hospital. 

Leanie (6) has a fractured skull injured liver, teeth all broken, dislocated jaw, and facial cuts. They do not have medical aid.  Pls if anyone can help with any contributions we would greatly appreciate it. Justine (9) had a brain operation the day after the crash to remove a part of her skull to bring the brain pressure down which was extremely high.  Leanie has mostly facial injuries and possible brain injuries as well.  Doctors are doing EEG and CT scans.  Father is struggling very much at the moment with the loss.  If you could please help him.

Thanks very much and God bless you all.

Cornel Pretorius (Christeen’s sister-in-law)

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