Good Morning Angels: NSPCA needs help with two abused lion cubs

Good Morning Angels: NSPCA needs help with two abused lion cubs

Two severely abused lion cubs need help to save them from a severe bone-trade onslaught 

Good Morning Angels: NSPCA needs help with two abused lion cubs

BACKGROUND: We are all painfully aware of the onslaught on our precious wildlife. The Good Morning Angels team were faced with this earlier this week, when we visited two lion cubs, suffering from a neurological condition due to severe abuse and malnourishment. When they were found, the cubs could barely move - their hind legs paralysed. After 40 days of expert care, they are already getting up on their front legs and displaying signs of their natural fearlessness. These two cubs are just the tip of a sickening onslaught on our South African wildlife.

World trade restrictions and bans have driven poachers and traders underground, to satisfy a lucrative, misguided market in animal parts, like rhino horn and elephant tusks. Less reported on, is the fact that the poacher crosshairs are now focussing on big cats. According to the NSPCA, this is due to the virtual extinction of tigers, which have been hunted and killed for its bones for decades. Those poachers and traders are now fully focussed on South Africa’s lion population. The NSPCA recently clamped down on a Lion Farm in Lichtenburg in North West, where more than a 100 lions and other big cats were kept in horrific conditions - only to be shot, slaughtered and their skins and bones harvested. 

The NSPCA needs assistance to care for the rescued animals, but also to convict those responsible to deal a blow to the illicit trade in big cat bones and other wildlife. 

If we don’t care about our wildlife, no one will.

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REQUEST FROM: Meg Wilson, NSPCA Public Relations Officer 

REQUEST FOR: Two six-month-old lion cubs treated by Dr Peter Caldwell, world-renowned wildlife veterinarian 

ANGEL 1: Wynand Beukes, WeBuyCars 

SPONSORING: WeBuyCars will donate R50 000,00 towards the costs to convict those responsible for the Lichtenburg Lion Farm animal abuse

ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will match the donation from WeBuyCars  - that’s R50 000,00 towards the costs to convict those responsible for the Lichtenburg Lion Farm abuse

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Recently the NSPCA walked into a house of horrors – with a warrant – and found over 100 lions and other big cats living a nightmare. These majestic animals, icons of Africa that are meant to roam free over vast ranges, were confined in overcrowded, filthy and parasitic conditions, some with no water – and no escape.

The lions were riddled with parasites – 27 had mange. It was hard to believe that regal, proud creatures were living in such appalling and pitiful conditions. 

In an already heart-wrenching situation, our inspectors stumbled upon a disturbing scene. Two lion cubs were housed in a camp with other lions, unable to walk and showing signs that they were suffering from a neurological condition. Both cubs were shaking continuously and tried to drag themselves across the floor.

The cubs were removed and are currently being treated by world-renowned wildlife veterinarian, Dr Peter Caldwell. They are making steady progress.

We have high hopes that these two gorgeous cubs, one gentle and tender female and one feisty and spirited male, will make a considerable recovery and move to a sanctuary that is already waiting patiently for their arrival - where they will be able to live the rest of their lives in peace. 

But it’s going to take at least six months to begin to repair the damage caused by malnutrition and meningoencephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and will take a substantial amount of nutritious food, supplements, veterinary tests, ongoing check-ups and medicines. 

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