Good Morning Angels: The power of women and friendship

Good Morning Angels: The power of women and friendship

The power of women: she lost her husband, her home, her business, her car and then her health … but not her best friend.

Good Morning Angels
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BACKGROUND: There are few bonds as strong as those forged between women, who look out for and care for one another. 

Elsie and Petrovien have been friend for more than a decade. They met as colleagues  when Elsie was a single mom of a son, who had just left the police service. Petrovien and her husband  Ian made sure that Elsie was looked after and pitched in with baby sitting, supper or just a chat whenever Elsie needed it … But then, three years ago the tables turned and now Elsie wants to pay forward the love and support she received from Petrovien.

After retrenchment, Petrovien and Ian invested all their savings and energy in a fast food business. They worked hard, long hours to keep it going. Then, three years ago, Ian was killed in a car crash. This was a massive, unexpected loss to Petrovien and their now 10-year old daughter, Megan. On top of the emotional trauma, the business was running on debt. Petrovien and Megan not only lost their husband and dad, but also their home, income, car … with no savings to fall back on. Petrovien contacted Elsie and she got a job at the same place. Petrovien and Megan started over … with nothing to their names and Petrovien blacklisted, as she and Ian were married in community of property.

They relocated from the East to the West Rand and moved into a small structure on a plot - as that is all Petrovien can afford. She bought a cheap, second hand car - to get her to work and back. They made a new beginning.

However, that was not the end of Petrovien’s troubles … 2019 started with Petrovien being diagnosed with cervical cancer. 

After months of chemo and radiation, sick leave and severe illness, Petrovien is finally in remission, cancer free and back working shifts.

Elsie has nothing but respect for her friend’s never-say-die attitude and the joy she finds and creates in life, despite loosing so much and staring death in the face.

She is however very concerned that Petrovien’s unreliable car is becoming a safety risk, especially as Petrovien works shifts and often only drives to work at 23:00.

With no financial means in sight to replace the car or to keep having it repaired,  Elsie wrote to Good Morning Angels, without her friend Petrovien even knowing about it ...

REQUEST FOR: Petrovien Turner


ANGEL: Charmaine Engelbrecht, captain of the Centurion Ladies Golf Club 

SPONSORING: The Centurion Ladies Golf Club held their annual Women’s Golf Day this past Friday. They managed to raise R 90 000,00 and will donate all of these funds towards the purchase of a reliable car to Petrovien.

PLUS: For Elsie and Petrovien and their families: A three night stay for up to 8 people in Lodge 297 at the Five Star Elements Private Golf Reserve near Bela Bela.  

Lodge 297 is a fully furnished luxury home, with 2 en-suite double bedrooms & 2 en-suite single bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen and dining room, a swimming pool and a patio braai area.  The average value of this luxury five-star experience is R 20 000. 


I tried to keep it as short as possible – sorry.

My name is Elsie Roux  and I am hoping for help from the Angels for my friend Petrovien Turner.

Here is our story:

We met almost 11 years ago whilst working at a casino in Brakpan. She was one of our Surveillance supervisors. At that time I was a single mommy that just left the police service and really struggling. Petrovien was working shifts and we did not see each other often but her and her husband Ian, were always there to help……….with anything from baby sitting (my son is 12 now), or a chat when she saw I was down and out or a supper invite as I was not one to ever ask for help from anyone.  SHE WAS JUST ALWAYS THERE without me having to ask and never wanted anything in return.

I moved to Krugersdorp in 2014 after being offered a position at another casino.  Retrenchments took place at the casino and Petrovien and her husband started a fast food franchise.  Her husband took on an extra job and worked away from home often.

Almost three years ago she contacted me and asked if there were any positions available at the Casino.  As God planned it there was and she started working at the casino with me.

I then learned that her husband, Ian passed away in an accident. Because this was very unexpected, all their affairs were not in order. Petrovien lost everything – their house, their business, there were no savings and then the bank came to fetch her car at work as it was on her husband’s name. 

Petrovien and her 10 year old daughter, Megan then moved into a small “building” (not like a house as there were no rooms ect just an open living space) on a small holding in Magalies as she could not afford rentals in Krugersdorp. She transformed the living space into a cozy two bedroom cottage. She was blacklisted because of all the remaining debt and could not buy a vehicle.  Someone then sold her an old Renault. My partner took the vehicle to one of his friends workshops and the person made a joke and said “the person that sold her this car must hate her” as the vehicle is in terrible shape. But this was all she could afford and every extra cent she has goes towards repairs for this vehicle.

In all this Petrovien never once complained, she will never ask for anything and she still keeps everyone positive with a smile on her face.

Then early this year the biggest shock came when she was diagnosed with cervix cancer.  She had to undergo an hysterectomy.  They then discovered lymph note involvement.  She was off for 4 months and had to go through chemo  and radiation sessions.  I cried so much for her that one person had to go through all this by herself with a beautiful daughter that recently lost her Daddy.

We spoke everyday and I could not believe that she is still this positive and smiling person.  I went to visit her during one chemo session I could not hold back the tears.  HOW CAN A SINGLE MOM WITH NO CLOSE FAMILY AROUND BE SO STRONG AND POSITIVE.  She has lots of friends that offered help – but Petrovien will not ask for anything. 

Just over a month ago she finished treatment and started to work again.  Her third day back at work she phoned and said that her vehicle broke down again and that she wont be able to come to work.

This is now more stress on her as she is not one to stay away from work!

 She wanted to spend her bonus (we receive ours in May every year) on repairs to the vehicle but then came Drs accounts that were not covered by the Medical Aid. 

I then told my partner that I want to give back to Petrovien for everything she did for me years ago (and she is still helping families in the area where she stays).  My vehicle is paid off and my plan was to buy myself a new small vehicle and give her my vehicle but unfortunately after applying for different loans, I am not able to make the re-payments at this stage.  It broke my heart and I told my mom if I could just win the lotto as this is the one person that really needs a lucky break. My mom then suggested that I write to the “Jacaranda Angels”.

I listen to Good morning angels regularly and usually look terrible when I arrive at work cause I cry so much with each story, and decided why not as this is really a remarkable women that needs help. 

The best ever news then came this week after she went for her check-ups - all her test were clear – no cancer found!

My wish and prayer for Petrovien and her daughter Megan is thus a small reliable vehicle that will take her safely to work and back, without her stressing about  the car breaking down again and being stuck on the dark roads when she starts working shifts again.  (The roads from Silverstar to Magaliesburg is very dangerous at nightL especially for a lady travelling alone).  Just today she said I must pray that the car is fine as it was acting up again – with her normal joking smile  (I feel so helpless)

PS: She can afford a monthly instalment of about R1500.00 a month, but because of the debt review she is not able to apply for finance!  


Regards Elsie Roux.

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