Good Morning Angels: Rebuilding a home for an Eldorado Park widow and grandmother

Good Morning Angels: Rebuilding a home for an Eldorado Park widow and grandmother

On 10 June 2021, Veronica Louw (54) from Elodrado Park’s life went up in flames.

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BACKGROUND:  Her home, which she shared with her 22-year-old daughter, Quinteline, and three grandchildren, was badly damaged in a fire. But Veronica’s nightmare was not over:  Three days after the fire, Quinteline died in hospital due to smoke inhalation. This left Veronica homeless, with her three grandchildren: Quinteline’s two-year-old, as well as her other daughter’s three- and four-year-old children, whom she is the guardian of. Veronica, who is unemployed, lost her husband and the breadwinner of the family two years ago and getting by was already a battle for this small family.

Veronica and her three grandchildren moved in with her sister and her family. There are 17 people living in her sister’s three bedroom house in the same neighbourhood. Members of the community came together to assist Veronica in her time of need and grief. They assisted with food and clothing and are trying to raise funds to help Veronica restore and rebuild her home. This, however, has proven to be a big ask as people in their Eldorado Park community are struggling financially. That’s why they reached out to Good Morning Angels.  

REQUEST FOR: Veronica Louw  

REQUEST FROM: Russell Florence, neighbour

ANGEL 1:  Kobus du Plooy, Property Developer 

SPONSORING: Kobus and his team, along with some of their friends in the building industry, will rebuild and repair Veronica’s home to be better than before. They have already inspected the site and their structural engineer will asses the structure. In case it’s needed, they will rebuild walls with the assistance of Vibro Bricks. They will also replace the roof, with the help of Gautruss. Kobus and his team will replace all the ceilings, plaster, doors, tiles, closets, and cupboards and repaint the home inside and out. They will also replace or fix the plumbing and redo the electricity. The team will start the work in two weeks’ time. According to the current assessment, the work will cost around R210,000 - which Kobus and his team will do free of charge.  

ANGEL 2: Tasoulla Hadjigeorgio, Director of LottoStar

SPONSORING:  From the funds raised for Good Morning Angels in the recent "How Lucky can You Get” competition on Jacaranda FM, LottoStar will assist Veronica with R50,000 to use towards replacing her household goods that were destroyed or damaged in the fire - once her home is ready for her and her three grandchildren to move back to.

ANGEL 3:  The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC 

SPONSORING: The Good Morning Angels Fund will assist Veronica with R10,000 in AngelRands to use for food and groceries for her and her extended family of 17, living together in her sisters’ home at the moment.

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