Good Morning Angels: A spectacular matric farewell surprise for two special friends

Good Morning Angels: A spectacular matric farewell surprise for two special friends

 Jo-Ann was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when she was just four-years-old. 

15 September 2021 GMA
Source: Jacaranda FM/Breakfast with Martin Bester

BACKGROUND: Jo-Ann and Shanté are besties - since Grade 1. They were separated in Grade 7, when Jo-Ann became very ill and had to re-do the grade - she also moved to another school. They remained best friends, because their bond was particularly special. Her condition was so severe, that she spent most of her primary school years in a wheelchair. She was in constant pain. At school, Shanté was the one who pushed Jo-Ann’s wheelchair and assisted her to get around. They sang in the school choir together and went on the choir camps. Shanté was also the one who stood up for Jo-Ann when she was bullied and shunned - which happened often.  

Jo-Ann and her parents worked hard to get her the right treatment for her condition - which improved over the years. Through sheer determination, treatment, and hard work, Jo-Ann got out of her wheelchair, started using crutches, and now walks unassisted! She was also elected as chairperson of her school’s "Transforming Racial Attitudes Committee” - as she is a strong voice for equality and is against prejudice.

She is in matric now and has always dreamt of walking the red carpet and dancing the night away. Shanté, who was in matric last year, did not go to her matric farewell. Her parents fell on hard times and she did not want to put the financial burden of a matric farewell on her family.  

To thank her friend for standing by her for so many years, and to give her the opportunity to attend a matric farewell, Jo-Ann asked Shanté to accompany her to the dance. Jo-Ann opted not to have an expensive dress, to enable her parents to assist Shanté with all she needs for the dance. Jo-Ann borrowed a dress and they are still looking for one for Shanté - but the hair, make-up, and nails are booked and the dance is next week. 

Jo-Ann’s mom, Corriana arranged everything - but there is one final detail that she needed assistance with: a hunk to walk the girls down the red carpet. 

That’s why Corriana wrote to Good Morning Angels, to ask our very own Martin Bester to be that hunk for these two dynamic, strong, and beautiful ladies.

REQUEST FOR: Jo-Ann Nel and Shanté Jacobs 

REQUEST FROM: Corriana Nel, Jo-Ann’s mom 

ANGEL 1: Mercia van der Walt from the House of Superior Clothing 

SPONSORING: Merica is waiting for Jo-Ann and Shanté at her shop that is stocked with the most beautiful matric farewell dresses. Mercia will assist Shanté to find the dress of her dreams for the big night! 

ANGEL 2: Our very own Martin Bester and the Party Limo Bus will make sure that Jo-Ann and Shanté arrive at the Matric Farewell like VIPs! They will be picked up in style and walk the red carpet with Martin like the stars that they are!! The Jacaranda FM team will also make sure that the moment is captured!


Good afternoon all,

I am sure you have received hundreds of emails regarding Matric Farewells, but my situation is different.  Please read my story.

My daughter, Jo-Ann Nel, has been diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis when she was 4 years old.  Her journey through this past 15 years is a story on its own and for another day.  BUT Jo-Ann had to endure a lot of teasing and rejection in her life.  She missed a lot of school, had to repeat a whole year in grade 7 and was the subject of gossip far too many times.  She cried herself to sleep more often than my heart could endure. 

In the beginning of this year, Jo-Ann had her very first boyfriend.  Obviously he was going to be her date for the farewell, but about a month ago, he ended the relationship and, consequently, Jo-Ann was without a partner for the day she has been dreaming of for very, very long.

She asked one of her brother's friends just to have a date, but his girlfriend is turning 21 on that specific day.  It is then that Jo-Ann decided that she is going to ask her best friend to go with her.  Shanté was Jo-Ann's guardian angel during primary school.  She was always there to protect Jo-Ann against bullying (Jo-Ann was in a wheel chair for most of the time), and would always look out for Jo-Ann, until they got separated when Jo-Ann had to redo grade 7.  But they always remained friends, and Shanté is like a child in our home.

Last year, when Shanté had her own Matric Farewell, she was not able to attend.  See, both her parents have their own businesses, and lockdown took it's toll on them.  So, they could not afford for Shanté to go.   

Shanté gladly accepted the invitation after

Jo-Ann told her that we would carry the expenses for the Farewell. Jo-Ann insisted on getting a cheaper dress just so that we could get Shanté one as well.  She is basically dividing her Matric Farewell between her and Shanté.  That is sorted.  That is not the problem. 

The problem is the gossiping going around, because Jo-Ann is taking another girl to the Farewell.  Why could she not get a date, and it is awkward for her to take a girl...  My child does not deserve this, and although she takes the critics with a smile, I KNOW what is hiding in her heart.  They have been friends for 11 years, and are basically like sisters.  She has been in remission since the beginning of this year, and deserve to have an amazing Farewell.  

So I was wondering what the possibility is of having a HUNK to walk them both,  together,  down the red carpet?  Please?  He does not have to attend the Farewell, only the red carpet to make a GREAT ENTRANCE...  I think Martin Bester is hunk enough, and they would be honoured to walk down the red carpet by his side.  I will make sure that they are respectable.

Thank you for reading my story.  It is actually Jo-Ann and Shanté's stories.  

I thank you.

Kind regards,

Corriana Nel

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