Good Morning Angels: Spider-Man helps little Vuyani celebrate his birthday

Good Morning Angels: Spider-Man helps little Vuyani celebrate his birthday

The Angels have come together to give young Vuyani a special birthday celebration whilst helping him and his family!

Martin Bester and Vuyani
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BACKGROUND: “I want a Spider-Man party”: was one of the first things little Vuyani Ncube told his mom, Caroline, and dad, James, after waking up from a six-month coma. The parents waited by their son’s side for months, after a tragic fire in their home in Tembisa. Their three-month-old baby boy died in the fire and Vuyani sustained burn wounds on the right side of his body, but the little fighter pulled through and woke up six months later. 

It’s difficult for James and Caroline to talk about the fire and the death of their baby, whom James calls “My King”.

They are overjoyed that Vuyani survived and recovered so well after the fire ordeal. He is on a state hospital list to have his right ear reconstructed. He still struggles to walk, as his right foot was also injured in the fire. For now, they celebrate his life. Vuyani is turning four and James’ work friend and colleague, Marieké Botha, wrote to Good Morning Angels to ask for help to organise a fitting birthday party for brave little Vuyani.  

REQUEST FOR: Three-year-old Vuyani Ncube, his mom, Caroline, and dad, James Sibanda 

REQUEST FROM: Marieké Botha 

ANGEL 1: Spider-Man and his Friends from the Grey Owl Spur in Centurion (Elaine Jacobs and the team from Spur)

SPONSORING: A special Spider-Man suit for Vuyani, courtesy of Creative Costumes in Centurion, a cake and balloons and an invitation to his special Spider-Man party at the Grey Owl Spur for 10 people!

ANGEL 2:  Operation Healing Hands

SPONSORING: Dr Helene Basson from Operation Healing Hands has invited Caroline and James to bring Vuyani for a consultation to see what is needed to reconstruct his right ear and to fix his right foot, to enable him to walk again after being injured in their house fire. 

ANGEL 3: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The Good Morning Angels Fund will assist the family with R20,000 for whatever they need to rebuild their lives after losing so much in the fire


Good day, 

I am writing on behalf of a friend and a work colleague that has been an inspiration to us. 

Their house burnt down to the ground. They lost their 3-month-old son that burnt to death. The father calls him "My king". 

The little Vuyani Ncube (3) survived but was in ICU for 6 months and for a very long time still on oxygen and rehabilitation. He still awaits reconstruction surgery for his heel and ear from Steve Biko.

They are however so positive and you would never say something is wrong and that they lost their baby boy and one almost didn't survive. They are always there to cheer us up.

Little Vuyani Is turning 4 years old on the 4th of June. We would like to hold him a special birthday party for being such a brave and special boy.

I would like to request R6000. 

Thank you.

Marieké Botha

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