Good Morning Angels: Support for Pretoria mom who lost her four sons and home in a fire

Good Morning Angels: Support for Pretoria mom who lost her four sons and home in a fire

The Angels came together to support a Pretoria mom who lost her four sons and home in a devastating fire.

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BACKGROUND: In the early hours of 10 November 2021, just two weeks ago, Pretoria West mother, Maggie Mashiloane, lost everything but her three-year-old son when her family home burnt down. 

Mashiloane and her youngest of five boys were saved by the efforts of their neighbour, who broke down the burglar bars with an axe to free them from the flaming house. Inside the house, Mashiloane's other four sons of 6, 18, 22 and 24 years old and their nanny, burnt to death.

In March this year, Mashiloane also buried her husband, who died due to COVID-19

The horror of what had happened and the loss Mashiloane and her three-year-old son has suffered is too much to comprehend. 

Mashiloane buried her four boys in Limpopo this past Sunday and now, she has to find the courage to carry on.

The Gauteng MEC for Human Settlements, Lebogang Maile announced at the funeral that assistance has been secured to build her a new home, and members of the community have assisted with clothing, food and whatever they could - but, there is a long road of grief and healing ahead for this mother, who is left with only her life and that of her three-year-old son.

Staff members at Hoërskool CR Swart, Karlien Nel and Theresa Marais reached out to Good Morning Angels on behalf of Mashiloane. Her 18-year old son, Fortunate was busy studying for his final matric exams when the fire broke out. 

The school held a memorial service, but they are still reeling from the shock and horror of losing Fortunate - their “a gentle giant”: "Our hearts at school are broken after we lost this stunning, well-mannered matriculant, Fortunate Moretsele. I cannot think how Maggie must feel. She really tried her best and gave the best to her children".

REQUEST FOR: Maggie Mashiloane


ANGEL 1: Retha Ingenbleek, representing SPAR North Region and the SPAR Women's Virtual Race

SPONSORING: On behalf of participants in the 2021 SPAR Women’s Virtual Challange, Spar and Good Morning Angels will assist Mashiloane with R50 000 to ease some of the financial burdens at this time. SPAR will also assist Maggie with groceries for a year in the form of R24 000 in Spar vouchers.

ANGEL 2: An anonymous Angel who has supported several families over the years. 

SPONSORING: The anonymous Angel will assist with R20 000 to help her with anything she needs. 

ANGEL 3: The Bed Store

SPONSORING: The Bed Store will assist Mashiloane with new beds.


Dear Good Morning Angels

I am a teacher at Hoërskool Staatspresident C.R Swart. We were fortunate enough to have Fortunate Moretsele as part of our Swartjie family for almost five years. Recently on the 10th of November, we were informed that one of our matriculants had passed away in the early hours in a house fire.

It was all over in the news that day. Five people passed away, four brothers and one helper. The neighbour managed to save the mother and the three-year-old brother. They slept in one room together. Fortunate was busy studying for his matric exam. When the electricity came on there was an explosion in the kitchen and Fortunate started yelling for help. That was when the neighbour came and broke through the Trellidor to save their lives. Fortunate and his brothers couldn't manage to break through the Trellidor fence that was installed on the inside of the windows.  The neighbour went around to try and save the others, but it was too late. The roof started to collapse and they burnt to death. 

Unfortunately, the father was not there to help, Mr Mashiloane passed away in March due to Covid. This is such a traumatic story. One can not comprehend what this mother and three-year-old boy are currently going through.  Ms Moretsele lost her husband this year due to COVID-19, her four sons, her house and all her belongings. The worst part we found out today was that they need to do DNA tests on the teeth of her sons which they found in the rubble before she can bury them.  That alone, to do it privately, costs R6000. If she waits for the state to do the DNA testing she will have to wait more or less 6 months.  

She doesn't have a place to stay. Her brother lives in Limpopo and he has a small room he lives in. The same with her sister. She lives in Tembisa also in a small room.  We are trying now as a school to get the necessities, but it's a drop in the bucket. She literally has nowhere to go. There is nothing left of her house.  She is still in Steve Biko hospital. There is a social worker to support and they are trying to get her and her only son into a shelter. She is devastated after what happened and she is asking where her four sons are. 

I humbly ask for help.  Any help will be appreciated. Materials to rebuild her house, anything she can use to furnish her house, clothes, anything can help.  

She stood strong for her five boys after the passing of their father earlier this year. She supported them emotionally and financially. 

I ask/beg that the Angels help Ms Mashiloane in any possible way. I don't think any person can be so strong to walk out of the hospital and be strong enough to carry on and start all over.  

My prayer and wish today is that we can help Ms Mashiloane to build a new life and that we can help her to sort all materialistic things out in her life so that she doesn't have to do that and just focus on her and the three-year-old's well being.  

Our hearts at school are broken after we lost this stunning, well-mannered matriculant, Fortunate Moretsele. I can not think how she must feel. She really tried her best and gave her best to her children.

Pretty please can we help Ms Mashiloane.

Kind regards,

Karlien Nel

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