Good Morning Angels: Three-year-old Skylar bravely battles cancer

Good Morning Angels: Three-year-old Skylar bravely battles cancer

The Meyer family reached out for financial assistance as the medical expenses are far beyond their medical aid and single-income abilities.

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BACKGROUND: Skylar Meyer from Equestria is three-years-old. She has had six surgeries and 10 chemotherapy sessions in one year - since she was two-years-old. Her parents, Chantel and Sias Meyer, took her to the Margate Hospital in June 2019, while on holiday, when her belly button turned a strange colour. Not long after that, it was confirmed that she had stage 2 Neuroblastoma kidney cancer. Several weeks in hospital later, she was in remission by February 2020. However, sadly, the cancer was back in May and this time it was stage 3 Neuroblastoma cancer. The battle started all over again. Skylar has three weeks of radiation ahead, but her parents say she is as bubbly and strong as ever.

Skylar's journey to health has taken its toll on her family, too. Her nine-year old sister, Kelly, has been a pillar of strength for her. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the additional infection risks, Kelly has not been able to go to school and is being home schooled. It has also meant that Chantel had to resign from her job as a Grade R teacher to be with Skylar 24/7- meaning that the family lost an income in these financially challenging times.

Due to the hospital protocols, her dad, Sias, has not been able to go with to support Skylar and Chantel at hospital. Sias himself has also been in hospital for kidney stone removal, but he says Skylar’s strength and brave fight has been an inspiration to the entire family. 

YOU CAN HELP: To assist Skykar and her family you can donate to her Back-a-Buddy fund

REQUEST For: Three-year old Skylar Meyer from Equestria, Pretoria East 

ANGEL: Anria van Heerden and the Caring  Daisies 

SPONSORING: The Caring Daisies will sponsor R50,000 towards Skylar’s treatment and the family’s expenses


Hello, my name is Chantel Meyer from Pretoria and I'm raising funds for my baby girl Skylar who is 3 years old and has stage 3 Neuroblastoma cancer.

Skylar was diagnosed with cancer last year in June 2019 and she went through operations and treatment for 7 months and was clear for remission and cancer-free in February  2020.

In May 2020 we got the sad news that Skylar relapsed with stage 3 neuroblastoma again. She has been in treatment since May. Skylar has had 4 major abdominal surgeries, and 6 surgeries altogether.

Her courage and bravery is an inspiration to so many. Through everything  Skylar has been through she is always smiling and has the most amazing personality.

This fundraising account will help our family in so many ways. With medical expenses and travel costs, We went from a  two-income family to a one-income family overnight when she was diagnosed last year, it has been very difficult at times and to keep up with all of Skylar special needs that she has.

The funds raised will be used for medical expenses,  special diets, and traveling costs.

You can follow Skylar's journey on Facebook here

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