Good Morning Angels: Wheelchairs for those in need

Good Morning Angels: Wheelchairs for those in need

The Good Morning Angels is out and about, delivering wheelchairs to those in desperate need.

GMA wheelchairs

BACKGROUND: On Mandela Day last week, Good Morning Angels received a delivery of two brand new wheelchairs at Jacaranda FM HQ in Midrand. We did not expect the delivery - it was merely a family who wanted to do their bit for Mandela Day. 

The wheelchairs are still in plastic wrapping - never used before. In the letter enclosed with the delivery, the children of Martie Dauth gave more detail. Martie was admitted to hospital, after suffering a stroke on 1 April 2019. 

Her four children: Stephan, Karen, Amanda and Marius bought the wheelchairs in anticipation of their mom’s return home. However, after three months in hospital, Martie suffered a second stroke on 1 July 2019 and sadly passed away. In memory of their 75-year-old mom, Martie’s children entrusted Good Morning Angels with these wheelchairs, to give mobility to those who need it most. 

Now, we need you to help us find those two worthy, needy recipients, whose lives would be made a little easier through the kindness of Martie’s children.

REQUEST FOR: Claudine Schutte and Oom Louis

ANGEL: Stephan Dauth on behalf of Martie’s four children

SPONSORING: Two brand new manual wheelchairs which their mom sadly could never use 

Dayne Jamison (34) called in on behalf of his fiancé, Claudine Schutte (33) 

Claudine has had a kidney transplant and since then 5 strokes. She can stand, but has difficulty walking. When they go to a public place, like a mall, they have to ask for a mall wheelchair. If there is not one available, they have to go elsewhere. Claudine has a admin job for a family member she does from their garden cottage in Centurion. Dayne was retrenched and will work his last day will be on 25 July 2019.

Watch the incredible moment below.

Koos Barkhuizen called in on behalf of Oom Louis (60) who works with him 

Oom Louis has been in a wheelchair for 17 years. He had a back-operation that was unsuccessful and lost his ability to walk at the age of 43. He has a wheelchair, but it is very old and ragged.

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