Good Morning Angels: You can help give vulnerable babies love and a safe space

Good Morning Angels: You can help give vulnerable babies love and a safe space

 It is estimated that 3,500 babies survive abandonment each year in South Africa. 

Maletsatsi GMA
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BACKGROUND: For every baby found alive, it is estimated that two will die. To give more babies a chance at life, Tiffini Hein registered the Maletsatsi Foundation last May. Tiffini and her husband have five children: two biological, one adopted, and two in foster care. They have been foster parents for five years, but Tiffini says the need for places of safety for abandoned, abused, neglected babies rose sharply since to the lockdown. The foundation now provides a temporary family for 25 vulnerable children - mostly babies under the age of one - and they have to turn away many more. The foundation is essentially a ‘stop over’ home during the finalisation of a child’s permanency either through reunification with the child’s family or through adoption.

Maletsatsi is entirely self-funded. The average cost of providing care to these children is R5,500 per baby per month. Tiffini and those who know her have reached out to Good Morning Angels for assistance and to spread the word


The Maletsatsi Foundation NPC

FNB 62865881314

Cheque Account

Branch Code: 210835

Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

REQUEST FOR: Tiffini Hein, founder of the Maletsatsi Foundation 

REQUEST FROM: Natasha van den Berg 

ANGEL: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist Maletsatsi with R30,000 to sponsor at least five babies for a month


Good Morning to the lovely Angels 

My name is Natasha and I am writing to you in need for an amazing woman who has dedicated her entire life to help children in need of a home and shelter. These include children who have been dumped in dustbins, covered in ants, young children who have witnessed their own mothers being murdered and the list goes on. Her name is Tiffini Hein. Her home is called Maletsatsi Foundation and is based in Midrand. She runs her orphanage only from donations from the public. Now, this is where the problem is .... her heart is so kind she cannot say no to any child who is in need of a home. She currently has 25 kids ages ranging from newborn to 8 years old and the funding is scarce. She is tired, worn down and still she is happy to care for all of these children in need. Her biggest need is nappies, formula and food for the babies that are on solids already. She also needs funds to pay extra caregivers and there are 4 caregivers - 2 day shift and 2 night shift that rotate. 

She is married and has two children of her own. They have legally another child and have two more in foster care. I heard of Tiffini's story from a lovely lady called Marion Wing, a midwife, my friend . She goes to the Maletsatsi Foundation to vaccinate and assess babies on a regular basis free of charge. She is a dear angel herself and helps where she can. 

Could you please assist this Family in need. 

Thank you in advance for all your love and kindness 


Natasha van den Berg 

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