Good Morning Angels: Young rugby star and his mom get the surprise of a lifetime

Good Morning Angels: Young rugby star and his mom get the surprise of a lifetime

Shelton ventured into rugby in grade seven for the first time, made the A-team, and fell in love with the game. 

GMA 19 May 2021 Shelton
Source: Jacaranda FM

BACKGROUND: Sixteen-year-old Shelton Ferreira’s rugby career has been much like his feet on the pitch - quick! Although he is English, he decided to go to an Afrikaans high school - because of rugby. Shelton immediately made waves as a talented wing and as a 16-year-old was chosen for his school’s first team this year - a dream come true. 

On Saturday, 8 May, Shelton ran out for his school’s first team for the first time - the smallest and youngest in the team. He scored a try and tackled the big guys. During a tackle, his jaw connected with another player’s forehead, but only after the game he and his mom realised that there was something wrong. His jaw was cracked and he urgently needed surgery to insert a plate and screws. Single-mom, Louise, only has a basic medical insurance and they usually go to the state hospital for medical treatment. However, this procedure was urgently needed and Louise did not have the R40,000 to pay for it. 

She started a fundraising page and took out a loan, but does not really know how she will repay it. Meanwhile, Shelton is on the mend but will be out of rugby for a few weeks. He cannot wait to get back on the field for his next try and tackle!  

REQUEST FOR: Shelton Ferreira and mom, Louise Haig 

REQUEST FROM:  Ruby Spaans, rugby-mom 

ANGEL: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist Louise and Shelton with R35,000 to repay the loan she took out for the urgent operation he needed to fix his jaw!


Good Morning Angels,

Hope this letter finds you all well. 

I am a Rugby parent who would like to ask for some help. We have known Shelton and his family from Grade 8. Gone through the whole rugby trials and supporting the teams together. Shelton Ferreira got injured in Saturday’s game. His Mom does not have a medical aid.

Please take the time to read what she has to say. Shelton is an amazing young man and a jack russell on the rugby field. He is a small boy, but is not afraid to tackle the biggest of okes.

Here is her story on backabuddy: 

My son Shelton is 16 and in grade 11. He made rugby 1st team at his high school Hoërskool Zwartkop, Centurion. It was a proud moment for him (and for us as parents who have supported him on this road to the 1st team) as he only started playing rugby in grade 7 and has managed to make the A team in each grade so far, culminating in him making 1st team at the age of 16! 

He is the smallest and youngest player on the team. Making the 1st team has been a dream of his since grade 8 and he has worked very hard in making this dream come true. 
At their first match last Saturday, he was injured. 

During a tackle, another players forehead smashed Shelton's jaw.

We didn’t think it was so bad and were not really worried as there was no bleeding and he could still move his mouth a bit plus we were so joyful as they won their first match of the season and Shelton scored his first try for the team, which was a huge moment for him. 

We took him for x-rays today and he has a fracture which will need to be operated on, in order to insert a plate and screws.
With the costs of the surgeon, theatre and anaesthetist, the cost will be around R 40,000.00. 

We have no medical aid only a medical insurance which covers basic doctors’ fees.

Please I am asking for any help in raising the funds for this operation. I need to have his jaw fixed and start his recovery so he can get back on the field. 

He is heartbroken that he will be missing at least 6 weeks of playing.

Thank you. 

I am asking on behalf of the team and as their biggest supporter, if there is any way you Angels can get involved and use your magic to make this operation a reality. Get Shelton back on that field where he belongs.

Kind Regards,

Ruby Spaans

Image credit: Jacaranda FM

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