Helping SA radio veteran Bongani Nxumalo to work again

Helping SA radio veteran Bongani Nxumalo to work again

The Angels came together to help talented entertainer and radio presenter, Bongani Nxumalo, regain his ability to work.

Helping SA radio presenter Bongani Nxumalo to work again
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Bongani Nxumalo is no stranger to the South African and international entertainment industry. 

His impressive CV includes sport presenting on a Gauteng breakfast radio show, performing as Mufasa in the long-running Los Angeles stage production of 'The Lion King', and performances with international stars like Hugh Masekela and Jonathan Butler. He even had a guest appearance on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'. 

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Bongani has been active in several charity and upliftment projects throughout his career, but his life took a turn when he started losing his eyesight. It has become so bad that he cannot read scripts anymore and therefore cannot drive or work as a radio, voice, and performing artist. Bongani has been unable to work and has become destitute.

Down-and-out, Bongani found a Safe Space when he joined a Men’s Group at his church to find support and guidance. This is where he met Dave Stewart, who runs the group. With the help of members of the church, Bongani has been given shelter and help with daily living. 

They’ve also assisted to have his eyes examined and the specialist says there is a very good chance that Bongani can regain a good percentage of his sight, with cataract and growth removal from his eyes. This, however, comes at a hefty price of around R145,000 - and that’s why Dave wrote to Good Morning Angels for assistance on behalf of Bongani.

"I would desperately like to give something back to this gentle and humble soul who loves people and really deserves for someone to do something for him for once,” writes Dave.

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REQUEST FOR: Bongani Nxumalo 

REQUEST FROM: Dave Stewart 

ANGEL: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist with R100,000 towards Bongani’s eye operations, to enable him to regain his eyesight and ability to work and provide for his family.



I would like to raise the issue for Bongani Nxumalo who has been a highly significant player in the social upliftment and awareness programs when he was part of the Rude Awakening Morning Show with Jeremy Mansfield. Bongani was instrumental in the many cochlear implants done for free for many people as well as outreach into homeless individuals and informal settlement uplifting, township school programs and upliftment.

Bongani has become destitute as he has lost his vision and is unable to work in the radio or broadcasting industry as he cannot read scripts or perform the tasks without his vision. He has not earned an income for a few years now and relies on our Church assistance and the generosity of friends and family to keep him going. 

This man has done so much for others and continues to look for opportunities to improve the life of the poor and destitute and I think he deserves a chance to be given some assistance to try and get some of his vision back. 

We have supported an effort with an ophthalmic specialist who has donated his time and equipment and has done all the tests and procedures for free (Pro Deo) and has made a recommendation that Bongani has surgery on both eyes to remove cataracts and blockages to see if he can regain partial eyesight. This specialist is donating his time and as much as he can but the hospital, theatre and anaesthetist costs amount to about R145 000 and we just cannot raise that kind of money. 

I would desperately like to give something back to this gentle and humble soul who loves people and really deserves for someone to do something for him for once.

Being a fellow radio presenter must help you to understand that if you went blind today, what would your world start to look like? Would you be able to work and earn a decent living? 

I am appealing to the Good Morning Angel team through Jacaranda to reach out to Bongani and change his life and if there is anyone out there in the community who could use Bongani’s services as a musician/guest speaker/story teller at corporate events or any areas, he could do with a break in his luck in getting meaningful work as well. If someone could get him on a show where he could talk to the presenter and tell his story, I am sure there are people who can help him. 

Bongani’s Short Version Bio

Bongani Nxumalo is a South African radio DJ, singer, actor voice artist and television presenter best known for reading the traffic reports for the Rude Awakening's team  

As a singer he has performed as a backing singer for artists such as Hugh Masekela, Jonathan Butler and Kirk Franklin, and had an appearance as a guest performer on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

He travelled the world and lived in Los Angeles for more than three years as part of the theatrically acclaimed The Lion King production, before heading back home.

As a performer and presenter he has worked on such shows as Maropeng, The Spirit of the Lion King and The Perfect Sishebo cooking show on SABC2.

He has made guest appearances on Brothers in Law and the SABC1 soapie Generations.

In December 2009 he co-hosted the M-Net live music request show Soundcheck Live.

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