Good Morning Angels: Standing with Jessica in her fight against cancer

Good Morning Angels: Standing with Jessica in her fight against cancer

On Wednesday, we assisted Jessica Joubert, a young single mother with cancer, on Good Morning Angels.

Jessica Joubert Good Morning Angels

Jessica Joubert is a young single mother of two daughters aged six and eight. She and her daughters live with her parents on a small holding outside Mbombela. Jessica was diagnosed with stage 2 B Cervical cancer, which has now deteriorated to stage 3B, affecting her bladder and kidneys as well. 

She has been referred by the Mpumalanga State Hospitals to Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria. Her dad, Jaco, takes her to Pretoria and back for treatment. Jessica’s employer has been very helpful, but she is at the point where she cannot work and needs to focus on her intensive six-week treatment, which will only start in early October.

Her employer has committed to paying for her stay in a cancer house in Pretoria, next to the hospital for the six weeks of intensive chemo. The home is not open over weekends and she needs to go home to Mbombela every Friday and back to Pretoria every Sunday. The cost of the transport is around R3,000/week - and this is what they need help with.

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Jessica’s dad was retrenched and she is not earning an income at the moment, as all her leave has been depleted. Several of her colleagues and friends have reached out to Good Morning Angels for assistance for Jessica under the heading: 'Standing with Jessica in her fight against cancer' - because they all want to see her healthy and back at work soon.

Jessica Joubert with Daughters GMA

REQUEST FOR: Jessica Joubert

REQUEST FROM: Colleagues Ledwin Ngwenya, Lené De La Rey, Sandra Koekemoer, Rozanne Niemand, and others

ANGEL: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA listener Fund will assist Jessica and her family with R30,000 towards the transport costs during her cancer treatment

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Good Morning Angels 

Standing with Jessica in her Fight Against Cancer

I am writing to you today to request your support for a very special person. Her name is Jessica, and she is a single mother of two lovely girls, aged 6 and 8. She is also a daughter, a sister and an incredible warrior. They are a family of 6 staying together, Jessica, her two daughters, her brother, Mother and Father. Jessica and her brother are the only two contributing financially to the household.

Unfortunately, Jessica has been diagnosed with cervical stage 2B Cancer.

Cancer is already in the walls of her bladder and then it is also closing one of her kidney pipes. She will need radiation and chemotherapy treatment to fight this battle. Her treatment is scheduled to start the 13th of June 2023. Though these treatments will be done in an academic hospital. She needs to take numerous trips from Nelspruit to Pretoria, as this cannot be done locally in her area, so we need to stand together to support her financially.  She will be staying at the Cancer House near Steve Biko, they have a daily charge, which will cover her bed, meals, and transport to and from the hospital.  She must book out over weekends and will need transport/transport fees to go home and back over weekends.

Therefore, we are raising funds for Jessica to help her cover the expenses. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated. Even if you are unable to donate money at this time, your prayers and support will be greatly valued by Jessica and her family during this difficult time.

If you need more information, please contact her father, Jaco Taljaard.


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