A tribute to Phil Painter: Supporting the Brakpan SPCA

A tribute to Phil Painter: Supporting the Brakpan SPCA

As a tribute to Phil Painter, the beloved late husband of Jacaranda FM presenter Danny Painter, Good Morning Angels will support the cause that was so dear to his heart.

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The plight of animals in need is very close to our hearts and supporting those Angels who dedicate their lives to animal welfare is vital. Animal sanctuaries and welfare organisations are always in need of support, as funding for furries in need remains a battle. When times are tough for humans, like it is now, the struggle for animals becomes worse.  

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One of these Angel organisations is the SPCA in Brakpan on the East Rand. With a small staff and volunteers, all women, serving a large part of the East Rand, they’ve come up with various creative ways to raise funds and awareness for animal adoption. With more and more people unable to afford proper care for their pets, the burden on shelters and organisations like the NSPCA and its branches, grows by the day.

As fur-baby parents, Jacaranda FM presenter Danny Painter and her husband, Phil Painter, were all geared up to support their local SPCA in Brakpan this past weekend in a fundraising and awareness drive. They were going to spend the night in a kennel, hoping to be “adopted” to freedom. In the week before this was to happen, Phil unexpectedly and tragically died of a heart attack.

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As a tribute to Phil and a show of support to our beloved Danny Painter and the family Phil left behind, Good Morning Angels will support the cause that was so dear to his heart, on their behalf.

MORE INFO: https://www.facebook.com/BrakpanSpca/ 

REQUEST FOR: Tamryn Lombard, Manager of SPCA Brakpan 

ANGEL: Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The Good Morning Angels Fund will donate R50,000 to the SPCA Brakpan to support their important service to the humans and animals in need in their community, on behalf of Phil Painter.

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