This dad is changing the world, one hairstyle at a time!

This dad is changing the world, one hairstyle at a time!

When Phil Morgese's daughter turned one, he became a single dad. He quickly realised that one of the hardest things to learn was how to do a daughters hair!

Phil and Emma

Starting out small, he began to teach himself how to do his daughter Emma's hair.

“Because she already had a full head of hair and it was getting in her eyes, I taught myself how to put in little hair clips, and carried them everywhere in my pockets,” he says. “Then I learned about hair gel, and that was a huge victory. I thought, ‘Wow. Now I can do anything.''

He is slowly changing the lives of fathers and daughters around the world by sharing his knowledge for free with other dads! In October 2015, he started the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, a bi-weekly class held in South Daytona, where dads and daughters of all ages can learn how to do everything from de-tangling long locks to doing buns – and all while sharing some valuable bonding time!  

As he says in this 60-second documentary, it's not about how perfect the braid is, it's about the bonding between dad and daughter.

For those of us unable to attend, he has a YouTube channel that offers all of his tutorials where you can learn everything from de-tangling without tears to how to re-create your daughter's favorite Disney Princess hairstyle! 

With a Facebook following of a hundred thousand people, Phil is definitely helping change the world one hairstyle at a time.

Dads, can you do your daughter's hair? Let me know in the comments section below!

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