Engineer designs baby clothes that expand as your child grows

Engineer designs baby clothes that expand as your child grows

This aeronautical engineer designed children's wear that stretches with kids as they develop.

Tailor sewing clothes
Tailor sewing clothes /iStock

Parents often find themselves having to buy clothes now and again. This is because as children develop, some of the clothes don't fit anymore. 

But, what if there was a way to ensure that your children don't outgrow their clothes? Well, the good news is that there is a way. 

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An aeronautical engineer has developed clothes that expand with children as they grow. 

“We create a specific fabric with an auxetic property which means that as it expands along its length, it grows along its width,” aeronautical engineer Ryan Mario Yasin told Beautiful News. 

Yasin is working alongside Petit Pli to create garments that grow up to seven sizes using patented technology.

The clothes are made from recycled materials - upcycled plastic bottles using green energy from solar, biomass, water or wind. 

They are designed to protect the planet and reduce their environmental footprint. 

The clothes are for both adults and children. 

Check out the clothes here

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