This plastic surgeon is a cut above the rest!

This plastic surgeon is a cut above the rest!

From theatre to theatre, Dr Deon Weyers is a man with many talents and an eye for beauty! 

Dr Deon Weyers
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Having to choose between a life in the arts or creating it, Dr Deon was faced with a crossroads at a young age. Being strong in both the field of Drama as well as academically, he knew it was never going to be easy to decide. 

Fast forward a few years and he is one of the most sought after plastic and reconstructive surgeons in South Africa, and he's even found time to do a little acting - with our Elana Africa Bredenkamp, no less!

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It doesn't end there. Dr Deon is also a man who gives of his time and skills in his pro bono work - assisting in the scalp reconstruction of a baby born with her brain exposed. 

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He joins us in studio to talk about making life decisions, how to know which path to take, and giving back! 

You can listen here:

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