Richard Stirton tells Danny Painter all about "Naked"!

Richard Stirton tells Danny Painter all about "Naked"!

Danny Painter plays a Chamberlains #HotHit every Monday to Thursday evening and this  evening she got to chat to the man behind the Monday Hot Hit - Richard Stirton!

Richard Stirton
Richard Stirton new album cover - Naked

Fresh off of his forthcoming EP called "Naked" the single called "Defeated" is as deep as it is catchy! 

It follows the story of a break up, the feeling of being broken hen the other person is seemingly doing okay, Richard explains: The idea came from being in a relationship where things were no longer working and you're no longer together. When you are hurting and broken but the other person is fine. You're not over it but they seem to be. The verses are nostalgic and reflective on times past, illustrating the idea that you're not wanting to give up on the relationship. The vibe of the song is happy and feel good with a bit of edge. We wanted it to be a serious narrative with a feel good, happy uplifting feel. Because in those situations most people resort to partying and time with their friends to lift them up and get them through those difficult times.

Danny also asked him about the new EP and the "Naked" theme! Listen here:

The Album is due for release on the 1st March 2019 and promises to be a completely "Naked" Stirton from the one we know as the winner from season 1 of "The Voice".

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