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Tomorrow morning Martin Bester will reveal his biggest "Secret Sound" clue yet!

Once a week, Danny Painter calls Martin Bester to "catch up", what he doesn't know is that she is desperately trying to get you closer to that R100 000 Secret Sound and she will do anything to get a clue! 

Martin Bester cover image

Martin revealed that some of the guesses are definitely wrong and that we should have a look at the wrong guesses here: Martin's R100k Secret Sound: List of incorrect guesses.

He Also revealed that the secret sound has to go before he goes on holiday for the year, but that it's up to you to make sure that happens! Have a listen to this chat Danny Painter had with him about a massive clue he's planning for tomorrow morning! 

Tomorrow, just after 7 am, he will reveal the biggest clue yet! 

If you think you have it, make sure you enter by sending an SMS with the keyword, 'Secret' + your name, + what you think the answer is to 37942. 


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