WATCH: This man proposed to sisters!
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WATCH: This man proposed to sisters!

After a meeting at a car show, Will and Ashley spent six years together sharing their lives and love. 

Will, Ashley and Hannah
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When it came time to propose, Will knew he couldn't ask Ashley and not her beautiful sister, Hannah. 

In a quote taken from wedding website, the Knot, Ashley explains: "On a beautiful day in March of 2016, Will proposed to not only me but Hannah as well. Hannah has always been a huge part of our life. From day one, I made it clear that Hannah and I were a package deal. With her having Down syndrome I always felt the need to protect her. Will not only accepted Hannah but loved her unconditionally the same way I did. He cares for her protects her, makes her laugh, & everything in between. I could not ask for a better Husband to be, to not only love me but to love us. Will asked Hannah to be his best friend forever & me to be his wife. By far the best day of my life."

Hannah was born with Downs Syndrome and was included in every part of the big day, in October last year, even saying friendship vows with Will! 

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Such a beautiful story, I couldn't help but share!

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