Your habit of gossiping is damaging you!

Your habit of gossiping is damaging you!

I was recently the "victim" of gossip. In a state of anger and hurt at finding out what was said, I found this video that you need to watch!

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Everyone does it at different levels. We have all said something about someone that was mean spirited or from a place of jealousy or dislike. We have also all been on the receiving end, whether you know about it or not - someone has spoken about you behind your back. 

Recently, I was told about a situation where I was the subject and it really hurt me. Here I was in my home, my safe space, with my dogs and one phone call sent me into a whirlpool of anxiety... "But what if people believe that of me?", "I would never do that?", "How could someone say this?".

I really wanted to confront the person.

I didn't. And here's why: I don't (and you don't) ever need to explain yourself to anyone. The people around you, who know you well, be they colleagues, friends or family will never believe gossip over their experience of you. And that is your greatest asset. 

In this video, Russell Brand talks about being the victim of gossip and also the way forward for both the gossip and its victim. 

Before you gossip, think of how it could affect the person you're talking about, how it would affect you if you were the subject, and let's all spread love instead of negativity! 

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