Dogs brutally attack alleged home intruder

Dogs brutally attack alleged home intruder

An intruder learned a hard lesson when he entered a house guarded by dogs, apparently in Gansbaai, Western Cape.

Dogs attack house intruder
Screenshot/Facebook/Intelligence Bureau

An intruder got more than he bargained for when a pair of dogs defended their house.

In the video posted by the Intelligence Bureau Facebook page, the intruder can be seen stranded on top of the roof, with the dogs barking aggressively in the yard below. 

The intruder decided to jump off the roof and into the yard, but soon realised he made a mistake. The dogs waste no time and attack their opponent while the other intruders watch on in horror.

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According to reports, the police responded to housebreaking and theft at the house in Gansbaai in the Western Cape. The suspect was fleeing the premises with stolen goods when he was spotted by neighbourhood watch members. The alleged robber reportedly sustained injuries to his limbs.

The owner of the dogs had to rescue the man from the dogs and he was later taken to a medical centre under police guard. 

Watch the intense video below, but please be warned, it is NOT for sensitive viewers.

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