Local man shows off the “most South African house”

Local man shows off the “most South African house”

One thing is for sure, this man is prepared for just about everything that could get thrown at him.

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Living in South Africa can be challenging task at some times to say the least, but one man shows off his well-equipped house to deal with it all.

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In the video, you see a man showcase his home and how he equipped it to deal with life in South Africa.

First up, the man shows that he has an alarm system to ensure that he sleeps safely at night.

Next, he reveals that he has lots and lots of gates and burglar guards to keep the criminal element out.

The man also showed off his cold room which he uses for the hot days when your fridge does not work because of loadshedding.

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And speaking of loadshedding, the man finishes by showing off his generator and solar panels to beat the power outages.

Watch the video below:

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