Man pranks local police officers with awesome dance

Man pranks local police officers with awesome dance

Now this is something you really would only see in South Africa!


A video showing a man pranking some police officers has been going viral because of how hilarious their reactions were.

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In the video, you see a group of police officers standing by a railing when a man walks in and grabs one of their clipboards.

One officer looked shocked and went to take the clipboard back, but the prankster begins to crank out amazing dance moves.

The officers looked at him bewildered, but the man added an extra element by removing his beanie and revealing his impressive afro.

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The officers found this hilarious - and they had the most wholesome reaction.

Watch the video below:

@noelgoescrazy Dancing in southafrica🇿🇦😂 dc: @DENNISMIK💫 #fyp #fürdich #fy ♬ Calm Down - Rema

Image: noelgoescrazy/TikTok

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