Mandoza's 'Nkalakatha' still gets people moving

Mandoza's 'Nkalakatha' still gets people moving

Two local women and a man have been going viral for having the greatest time at a birthday party.

man and woman dancing to mandoza

A video shared by Rojhey Herselman has been doing the rounds on social media because some party guests broke out all the dance moves.

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In the video, you see some of the guests rush to the dance floor when Mandoza's 'Nkalakatha' starts playing.

The guests then shock everyone by flawlessly executing the dance moves and sharing their incredible energy.

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People loved the video and commented: “Guys why can't we live like this everyday not on tiktok, love the guy”.

Watch the video below:

@rojheyherselman #Steel n Laptop #Retha 50th Bday #All ♬ original sound - Rojhey

Image: rojheyherselman/TikTok

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