Snake rescuer wrangles 2.3m Black Mamba

Snake rescuer wrangles 2.3m Black Mamba

It seems that the damage done matters very little as long as the snake disappears.

Black Mamba
Nick Evans

Nick Evans, the snake rescuer, shared a post about how he managed to get a sizable 2.3-meter-long Black Mamba out of a ceiling.

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The snake had been seen hanging out of the ceiling by the family members who then made the call to Evans.

When Evans arrived, the snake had slithered back into the ceiling and hid there, which prompted him to get destructive.

Evans had to poke holes into the ceiling during an hours-long pursuit of the serpent, and he eventually found it on the center beam.

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After safely wrangling the snake out of the ceiling, they measured it and determined that it weighed 1kg and measured 2.3m.

See the post below:

See another Black Mamba being pulled out of a home below:

Image: Nick Evans

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