WATCH: Fridge almost crushes little boy

WATCH: Fridge almost crushes little boy

Patrons should applaud the staff at this restaurant for their quick reactions and keen awareness.

Fridge falls on boy

Working at a restaurant can have your attention split in a million different directions, and it can be hard to keep track of all your patrons, but these employees were quite impressive.

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In a video shared with Twitter, we can see a mischievous little boy run into the restaurant, push a woman, and then head to the fridge, and that's where the danger hits.

The boy runs into the fridge and then starts pulling on the doors causing the refrigerator to topple over onto the boy.

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Luckily the restaurant workers managed to rush in and stop the fridge from crushing the boy.

Image: @nowthisnews/Twitter

Watch the video below:

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