WATCH: Ground squirrels take on dangerous Cape cobra

WATCH: Ground squirrels take on dangerous Cape cobra

These small critters really like dancing with danger…


A video showing an awesome interaction between some ground squirrels, a Cape cobra, and a mongoose has been doing the rounds online.

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The incident was seen at the Nossob Campsite in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

In the video, you see the cobra surrounded by ground squirrels who keep on coming into striking range to distract the snake from their young.

The squirrels use their busy tails to make a big target for the snake, and bait it into using up its energy.

After a while, a mongoose decided to try and make the snake its next meal, and a tense duel took place between them, with the cobra striking out and the mongoose narrowly avoiding the strikes.

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Eventually the mongoose grew tired of the fight and left, leaving the cobra to slink away in defeat.

Watch the video below:

Image: Latest Sightings/YouTube

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