WATCH: UJ students build a house in just one day

WATCH: UJ students build a house in just one day

The use of technology has people scared for their jobs.


Engineering students from the University of Johannesburg have been going viral recently because of the great use of technology.

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A few videos shared by the Vice-Chancellor show the students using 3D-printing technology to build RDP housing.

The house itself consisted of six rooms and was completed in just one day, leading to the VC saying: "This 3D Printer at the University of Johannesburg is fast. If we invest in this technology, we can provide our people with decent housing fast and end informality."

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Some people were worried about how the technology would affect jobs, commenting: "About 360 homes a year per machine? And that takes the jobs of the concrete and bricklayers? This is a great idea, but I don't think it's easy to scale up and it will take too many jobs."

Watch the video below:

Image: @txm1971/Twitter

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