Woman finds maggots crawling inside wrapped chocolate

Woman finds maggots crawling inside wrapped chocolate

A woman was left disgusted when she found maggots crawling inside a chocolate slab. 

Maggots in Chocolate
Screenshot/Daily Mail UK

The woman who found dozens of maggots crawling inside the wrapper a bar of chocolate she was eating received a voucher from Cadbury as compensation. 

In the story written by the Daily Mail UK, the woman who had bought a Freddo chocolate bar at a Woolworths in Bondi Beach, Australia, complained online and shared a video of the shocking discovery. 

She uploaded the video of the maggots crawling on the snack and its wrapper to Facebook and complained that the R361,52 she received as compensation wasn't enough for the trauma she suffered. 

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Social media users were divided over the issue, with some saying that these kinds of things happen and she should be happy with the voucher she received. 

'What do you want 50 grand? Things happen in production lines all the time with all foods,' wrote one Facebook user.

'Ok curious what do you think is fair imbursement,' another comment read.

Other Facebook users supported the woman and said that the $25 dollar voucher isn't enough. 

'Disgusting - thanks for sharing. $25 is not enough, I agree. Lucky you noticed before opening and eating and getting sick - completely and utterly gross,' they said.

If you're not squeamish, watch the video below:

Image Credit: Daily Mail UK 

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