An assault on a store owner ended up saving his life
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An assault on a store owner ended up saving his life

An angry man who struck a store clerk in Tampa, Florida could not have predicted that his violent act would be the thing that saved the businessman's life. 

liquor store dispute
New York Post

A dispute over liquor sales regulations ended with 63-year-old store clerk David Miller knocked out on the ground

The state prohibits the sale of liquor after 03:00, something which an irate would-be customer refused to accept. Security camera footage shows a customer getting into an argument with David, who apparently is withholding a six-pack of alcohol from the second man 

David is adamant that he will not sell the alcohol and the customer quickly gets aggressive. The fight escalates and the customer hits David and he falls to the ground. 

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As soon as David recovered, he reportedly went for a CT scan to make sure the punch had not caused any serious damage. There was no serious injury from the punch, but doctors did discover a small tumour in David's brain. Thanks to this early detection, the tumour can be treated before David falls seriously ill. 

David feels incredibly lucky that the unfortunate incident ended positively.

The man who assaulted David is still at large. 

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