Car wash employee ploughs customer's car into traffic

Does this car wash have the worst customer service ever?

A car wash employee in Namibia will have to face the consequences for how he handled a customer's property.

Customer ploughs car into traffic
Screenshot/Facebook/Namib Times

Drivers outside a car wash in Walvis Bay, Namibia had to think quickly to avoid becoming part of a pile-up.

An employee of the car wash reversed a customer's Toyota Fortuner, supposedly to move it from the drying station to the polishing station, and swerved right into traffic at the nearby intersection. 

The driver loses control of the car and crashes into two vehicles at the intersection and damaging at least one other car.  There have been no reports on the damage to the Fortuner itself. 

Observers note that the employee may not even have had a valid driver's licence and are calling for both the employee in question and the owner of the business to face disciplinary action. 

No matter who takes responsibility for the accident, one thing is for sure: this car wash's reputation has been dented for good. 

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