This fiery street food has taken over India

This fiery street food has taken over India

You've never seen a fire eater do anything like this before!

fire paan
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Paan is a popular preparation in India that combines betel leaves, berries, and spices, and is used as a remedy for coughs and headaches.

It produces a slight high that consumers also find pleasant. 

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Everyone is able to change up the paan recipe as they like. However, the latest additional ingredient is quite shocking. 

Street vendors selling paan have taken to setting the leaves on fire before stuffing them into the mouths of patrons. This is the new "fire paan" craze:

Remarkably, no major injuries have been reported since the advent of fire paan. 

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Aside from the obvious danger of inhaling smoke, there is one other concern here. Is any trendy snack really worth having the hands of an anonymous street vendor shoved into your mouth?

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